Left Your Keys Inside The Car? How Can You Resolve This!

Accidentally locking your keys inside your car can be a really frustrating situation. One that might feel too crazy to make it out of. If you’ve made sure there is actually no easy way to get into your car, like by a spare key or an open door, don’t resort to breaking your car’s window. There are some other things you can try that don’t involve damaging your car at all, and you’ll still get in.

In this post, we’re going to go over some of the best ways you can get your locked car keys out without having to cause any extensive damage to your car at all.

Best Ways to Get into Your Locked Car

Here are some of the best ways you can get into your locked car!

Try using a string

It might sound a little odd, but if you have an older, manual car, then you could use a string to pick the lock.

To do this, you will have to use your shoelaces. Take a long shoelace and create a loop around the size of your index finger by tying a slipknot in the centre of it.

After that, twist the string around the right-hand corner of the driver’s side door until the knot is within the seam of the car door. That puts it in the perfect position to grab the lock.

Hold the string with both of your hands, and move it back and forth like you’re flossing a massive tooth. This will move the slip knot further down the glass and closer to the door lock.

Move the loop over the lock carefully, then tug the ends of the string to tighten up the loop. When you feel like you have a firm grasp on the lock, slowly pull it up to open the lock, and in turn, the car door as well.

The only downside here is that this hack is limited to cars that just aren’t made anymore, so it’s more so for people that are still holding on to their vintage cars.

Use an inflatable pump wedge.

If you’re someone that locks themselves out of their car pretty often, then you should consider purchasing an inflatable wedge kit. This tool will make sure no damage is done to your car, and no paint scrapes off, which is pretty common if you ever use metal tools.

The wedge makes space between the door and the jamb, which will help you to insert access tools that will open the lock. They’re easy to use and handy, so no professional help is needed.

Call the locksmith

If nothing seems to work no matter what you do, then you should just call Car lockout Birmingham or your nearest local locksmith. A locksmith will make sure to use the safest method to open your car, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging it.

Fortunately, most locksmiths have emergency service, so you could even call them in the middle of the night without it being weird at all!

Another great thing about calling a locksmith is that they won’t actually cost you that much. They’ll unlock your car for a pretty good price and won’t even damage your car in any way. You can even ask a locksmith to make a spare key altogether. This way, you can literally just enter without having to pick the lock at all. They will handle everything for you!


Even though you might feel completely hopeless when you get into a situation like this, as long as you’re staying calm and collected, there’s always something you can do. Try out the methods we’ve talked about above, and you’ll get back inside your locked car in no time!

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