For a Memorable Hen Do, Choose the Right Hen Party Activities

Tradition says that a bride-to-be should have a hen party before she gets married. It’s the bride-to- be’s chance to really enjoy life before getting married. Every hen party should be memorable, since it’s the last chance to have fun.

How can the person who is being honored remember it? Choosing the right things to do at the hen party will be a big part of that. Now, the people who put on these events try to think of the craziest and most outrageous ways to say goodbye to being single. But wild and crazy may not be the best choice for every bride. So, for that event to be memorable for the person being honored, it will be important to think about her likes, personality, and preferences.

What a Chicken Needs

Each hen will want something different. Still, it’s important to know what she wants so you can find activities that she will enjoy. Because of this, the maid of honor usually plans the whole thing, and this person should be the one who knows the bride the best.

When deciding how to spend her last few hours of freedom, you should always think about what she wants. If there is something she has always wanted to do but never had the chance to, now is the time.

If she has always wanted to learn how to pole dance, for example, give her the chance to do so. The whole group might even like doing something like that.

What a Rooster Needs

There are also different needs for each type of hen. Getting ready for the wedding can be stressful for any bride, and no one wants a bridezilla. If there are signs that she is becoming one, she needs a break. This can take the form of a hen weekend or a short trip to a certain place.

A river cruise might be just what she needs to find peace of mind and get rid of her stress. Irish hens who want to do this popular hen party activities can choose to spend the weekend in Carrick on Shannon. As an alternative, a day at the spa can also work. Every once in a while, women need to be pampered, and a stressed-out bride will really enjoy that.

Wants of the Group

Last but not least, the activities you choose should be things that the rest of the group will enjoy as well. Even though the bride’s wishes come first, it’s important to choose activities that everyone will enjoy. Dance classes are a great way to bring people together and break the ice between people who don’t know each other. Nothing makes people less shy faster than a group of people trying to learn how to dance. At first, some people might feel a little out of their comfort zone. But as soon as they start having fun and laughing, things get better and better.

One of the best things about a dance class for a hen party is that it can be done by people of all ages. Everyone loves to dance, from the little sister to the mother of the bride. Not only that, but dance classes will be made for people of all levels of fitness and skill. So don’t be discouraged if your hen party activities are more “Put on a brew” than “Dancing Crew.” By the end of the class, they may be happy to find out that they don’t have two left feet after all. The fact that they know a new routine will make the deal even better.

Dancing You Want to Learn

You will be able to choose what kind of dancing you want to learn. You can dance salsa, disco, belly dancing, burlesque, or even a little bit of line dancing. You can also choose a song that fits with the theme of your hen party. For example, if your hen party is the Pink Ladies from Grease, you could learn a dance to “You’re the One that I Want.” If the theme of your hen party is the 1970s, you could learn an ABBA dance. If you want to do something different, you could take a pole dancing class. Why don’t you try a Zumba class? Zumba is the latest dance craze. It is a mix of modern dance moves and Latin music. You will have some of the most fun of your life in a Zumba class. As you can see, there are lots of fun things you can do, and the only limit is your own creativity.

Final Thought

Some companies will even let you and your hen party guests make a video of your routine once you’ve mastered it. You could also do your act at the wedding. Imagine if the bride and her bridesmaids cleared the dance floor to do their own version of Dirty Dancing. That would be a sight to remember.

When everyone is having a good time, you know that the event was a success. At the end of the day, it will only be memorable if everyone has a good time. To make it even better, make sure to plan the hen night in advance. Bring a set of Hen Night Dare Dice or Hen Night Dare Cards for games and fun during the night’s events.

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