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We humans no longer hunt and have to buy our food in the supermarket and always keep it cool with suitable cooling elements or order it online to have it shipped to our homes. Fresh food such as meat, fish, fruit or vegetables should be shipped at a constant temperature. Of course, this also applies to pharmaceuticals or cosmetic products, and you need cooling elements. A cool bag can be useful for shopping in the city, and you can also take it for picnic drinks, preferably in cans with some cool packs. So: Defy the climate catastrophe with the cool bag and some cooling elements and keep your head cool. There are ice packs at the petrol station in summer. They also last longer in a cool bag and are better than any other bag,

Styrofoam coolers are suitable for shipping protective packaging for goods requiring refrigeration, but they need support in providing the necessary refrigeration capacity even during fast transport. Passive coolants at an affordable price are soft cooling bags, also known as gel packs or solid ice packs, that does not deform. Both categories contain a polymer-based cooling gel that keeps food consistently cool during the phase change. A simpler word for phase change is melting, during which the liquid releases its cooling energy to the cooler’s contents. This cooling energy comes from freezing in the freezer or supermarket refrigerator. Therefore, the cooling cells should be arranged in such a way that.

Both the films of the cooling bags and the hard plastic of the cooling pack are safe for food, and the coolants are non-toxic for both categories. In addition, ice packs are inherently immune to leaks, while ice packs can occasionally leak.

The temperature inside the cool box with a cold pack or cold pack remains in the range of +2° to +8° during a one- or two-day shipment, i.e., like in a refrigerator. However, some rules should be observed to further delay the temperature rise.

  • Only lift the lid of the cooler briefly and close it again immediately.
  • The inside of the box should be packed as compactly as possible so that the air in the cool boxes remains as small as possible. Cold packs are also suitable for this.
  • Buy cold packs or use cold packs to fill empty spaces.
  • Use paper or fillers for wide compaction.
  • Store-filled cool boxes in cool rooms and never expose them to direct sunlight. If it lasts longer, replaces the cooling battery with a freshly cooled one.
  • The more compact the cool styrofoam box is filled, the better it is protected against damage from mechanical influences. Outer boxes made of corrugated cardboard and cold packs are suitable for export.
  • A styrofoam cooler can be shipped without an outer box, but the lid should be sealed with clear tape.
  • Our coolants are only suitable for shipping frozen products if the transit time is very short. Or if you transport them yourself in the trunk.
  • Frozen foods should be carried from the supermarket to the refrigerator in cooler bags with gel packs.
  • We have ice packs of different sizes and weights to choose from.
  • Reuse the cold pack often and then dispose of it as residual waste
  • Intermediate storage of cooled cold packs is best in a cool bag.
  • A wide range of instant cold compresses is available in pharmacies. And you can get a piece quickly without waiting for delivery from the manufacturer.
  • The gel in the cooling pack is non-toxic, and cooling packs can also be disposed of as residual waste.
  • When heading to the market, a bag with a pre-chilled pack should not be missing so that your fruit and vegetables stay fresh.
  • There is little risk of a gel being mistaken for a drink.
  • Manufacturers often give quantities in ml. Good to know: 1000 ml is one liter
  • Pack size doesn’t matter when it comes to cooling, but it does if the goods are to stay cold for a long time. A liter of gel in some batteries keeps them cooler longer, regardless of the size of the battery.
  • A large bag for shopping should also contain 10 pieces of cold packs.

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