Choosing the Best Location for Corporate Sporting Events

If you’ve been requested to assist in planning an athletic corporate event for clients of your business, you’ll want to do it correctly.

Here Are the Key Points to Keep in Mind

  1. If you have a diverse group of clients attending, you should choose an activity that will be enjoyable for everyone. You’ll want to know whose clients the event is for.
  2. It’s possible that your organization is organizing this event for a specific reason. Are they seeking new customers or additional business, or are they merely saying thank you to regular customers?
  3. You might need to check what is offered on a set date because you have been given one, or you might be able to be more flexible.
  4. Additionally, you might have received directions as to where the event must be hosted due to logistical considerations.
  5. The type of event that will work best must be determined. For those who don’t play, a round of footgolf could be a little dull, and not everyone enjoys racing cars. A day spent playing cards is usually a good bet. Depending on the event you select, you can choose the venue and time. Maybe you were able to score tickets to a corporate sports day game or a day at Wimbledon.
  6. You must keep in mind that the event is not for you or even for your business. For your visitors, please. Not every one of your clients will want to visit Wembley or attend a Formula 1 event just because you have always wanted to.
  7. As soon as you know the date, you should send out invitations so that you can estimate the number of visitors and let them know what to dress.
  8. You should be aware of whether all dietary needs and alcoholic beverages are covered. At no point during the day should your visitors be required to pay for drinks.
  9. You’ll want to make sure that your visitors are comfortable because you don’t want them to feel awkward or unwelcome. Why not see to it that you can introduce them to one another and prod them toward socializing?
  10. You should consider the expense when selecting a corporate sports day. You don’t want your customers to believe that you undercharge them, but you also don’t want them to believe that you are cheap.

Because it can have a good impact on the workplace, most large corporations focus a lot of attention on team development. Corporate events, especially team sports like paintball where participants are compelled to cooperate in teams, play a little role in promoting team development. In this article, I’ll explain how to book your corporate paintballing days to get the best possible price.

Buy a Lot of Paintballs

Purchasing the ammunition on the day of the paintballing is one of the more expensive components, especially if your group is exceptionally trigger-happy. Purchasing your ammunition in large quantities before you arrive to the center is one technique to significantly lower the amount of money you spend on ammunition. For instance, if there were 20 people, you could buy 10,000 paintballs for a lot less money than you would pay if you bought them separately on the day (giving each person 500 paintballs).

Use Price Matching Techniques;

If you present them with a legitimate quote from a rival, the majority of paintballing firms now promise to match or beat competition prices. In order to employ this method, call many paintballing businesses to obtain quotations. Then, call each of them again to advise them of the competitive prices and ask if they will match or beat them. This is a powerful strategy for securing significant savings for a sizable group.

Utilize Discount Coupons;

The internet is now filled with a wide range of companies that offer users cash back on their purchases or discount vouchers that can be used to gain significant reductions for paintballing., one of the biggest discount websites in the, attracts over 10 million monthly visitors who are all looking for savings. Sites like this one are well worth looking through for discount paintball codes because they frequently provide fantastic discounts to be included on their site due to the high volume of monthly visitors they receive.


With this knowledge in hand, you may select the ideal corporate sporting event and ensure its success. Why not think about Racecourse Hospitality at Windsor Racecourse if you’re looking at one of the many corporate sporting events available? Even if they don’t support the winner, your visitors will enjoy a fantastic night thanks to the variety of packages available!


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