What is sb001 technical error yono and what are the ways to fix it?

The sb001 technical error yono app means that the error has occurred while using the Yono SBI App. YONO SBI mobile banking is an expert badge in online mobile banking. State Bank of India’s digital banking service known as YONO SBI, provides online facilities for transferring funds, buying online tickets, or performing online orders easily with cashless transactions. But while these great services users face issues like sb001 technical error yono leading to delay in availing the services mentioned above.

Simpler ways to Fix the sb001 technical error yono

Before moving towards fixing the error, users must make sure that the device has proper internet and network connection, and that the users have updated or downloaded the latest version of the Sbi Yono app from the Google play store or Apple store.               Method 1: Clear all caches from the app
  • Go to the Settings and Date and Time section.
  • Click on the Auto Day and Time option to choose the desired date & time.
  • Go to “Settings” and then App Manager to click on the Force Stop button.
  • Clear the cache from the app and settings, users must select “All Permissions.”
Method 2: Try using the SBI YONO LITE edition, in case the original app edition is not working properly to solve the issue. Method 3: Users must try Reinstalling Or Updating The App. The ways for updating the YONO SBI app for Android or iOS are given below: To update: >Users must go to the store and search the name of the SBI YONO App and click on the update icon and wait for the app to be updated. To Re-Install: > First users must delete the SBI YONO app from the device > Go to the store and search for the SBI YONO app and click on the install icon and wait for the app to be downloaded. Source: Experts Badge

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