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How do you decide upon the topic for your project?

A carefully chosen topic will help your research and writing go very smoothly. If you’re able to find an intriguing subject, you’ve already achieved 10% of your overall grade. The first step to coming up with ideas for research topics is to search for areas of study you are interested in.

For instance, as a student in computer science, you may find database management systems interesting. It is possible to write down your ideas for topics in database management systems which you can then present to your supervisor for their approval. There are additional ways to create amazing research subjects.

1. Find topics that address problems in your immediate environment

If you select subjects that address the problems of your local community, you provide aid to the development of society. You also gain the opportunity to use the knowledge you acquired in school. Apart from solving issues, it is also possible to choose to create a company by using the solutions you have come up with. Google is among the most popular search engines and was created as a school assignment. The creators came up with an idea to create the search engine to deliver better results pertinent to the query.

2. Check out the research projects of former students from your department.

The majority of the time, studies conducted by former students provide suggestions for further study. It could be that the student didn’t complete the research due to certain limitations like time, financial constraints, or insufficient resources. You may decide to carry on your research at the point where the researcher originally stopped. The sources of information you can use for your previous students ‘ research projects include school archives, libraries of departments as well as materials from the website Studycrumb.

3. Events have happened or repeated within your country.

Problems such as strike actions as well as fuel subsidy, Boko Haram terrorists, Fulani herdsmen attack, e.t.c are all excellent research areas. Research topics that are a source of concern with the subject to your supervisor will be sure to be accepted. If you choose these topics, you’ll receive excellent grades since your research will be original and simultaneously solve national problems.

When researching recent events, the sources of information should consist of interviews, newspapers, and press releases.

4. Think of topics that are creative.

There are some subjects that have been covered repeatedly. Choose topics that haven’t been talked about enough. Try to choose something that is interesting and new for you and your peers.

5. It is important to ensure that the subject is not overly broad.

The topic you are researching is likely to be wide if your supervisor believes that it is boring, the subject is confusing, or you are always forgetting your subject. To narrow your research focus, give it more context. Add some geographic or historical, biological or geographical contextualization to the topic. Consider the topic of “The Economic Effect of Desert Encroachment on Cattles in Nigeria.” The writing on this topic could be confusing as the research expands.

It is possible to add a geographical background to the subject by identifying a specific region (or state) in which the desert encroachment is affecting cattle. You can also include historical context, such as the date (specific year(s) or time period, current or previous) the desert encroachment began to affect cattle. In addition to the subject, you could also include biological background. Maybe there are some specific sub-species of cattle(Taurus cattle) you could write about.

If you take all three of the contexts and combine them into the main issue, you’ll end up with a rather specific topic like “Current Economic Effects of Desert Encroachment on Taurus Cattles in Adamawa State, Nigeria.”

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