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How to Recover Deleted Telegram Chats and Messages?

Recover Deleted Telegram Chats and Messages

Telegram is a very famous application that people use for instant messaging and people can easily use the application to send chats, images and documents. There are different features on the application that make the application more interesting for people. You can also call your friends and use the web-can feature of the application to have a good time. 

However, there are instances where people delete the messages that they have sent but, they later realize that those conversations are important and want to get them back. So in the guide, we are going to tell you how to get back deleted messages

How can recover the deleted messages on Telegram?

There are some effective methods that you can use when you want to recover deleted messages and we are going to tell you about some of them. You need to carefully read the instructions and then, use the same steps to get your messages back. 

  • Use telegram Back

If you want to recover the messages on your android device then, you have the option to look for the conversation that you have deleted in the files on your device. You just need to open the File Manager of your device and look for the folder of telegram. There, you need to open telegram messages and you will find all the conversations as even if you delete the message from the app, it remains present in the file manager. 

  • Use the application iStaunch

If you are not able to use Telegram backup then, you can recover your deleted telegram conversations using the iStaunch tool. You need to install iStaunch on your device and then, log in on to the device using your mobile number. Once this is done, the application will automatically start the process to recover all the deleted messages of the application including the images and the documents that you have deleted. 

You can also use the Undo button that is present in the application but, remember that this feature is only available for 5 minutes after you delete the conversation or the message. We hope you can recover your deleted messages with the steps and instructions that we have given here and get all the messages that you have accidentally deleted. 

There are some other methods with which you can get your conversations back. You need to use the website Onlinehubb for the same as the website is awesome and very informative. 


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