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How Can I Get My Snapchat Streak Back?

Get Snapchat Streak Back

Snapchat streak is the most exciting feature which Snapchat provides to its users in which the users need to send snaps to each other daily so that they could create a streak. 

But it is possible that sometimes the users might lose their streaks but they do not need to worry as in this blog we are going to tell them how to get a snap streak back so without any delay we should begin with the procedure so that the users can use these steps to get back their streaks. 

Steps to Get the Streaks back on Snapchat 

    1. The initial step for the users is to open the Snapchat app on the device they have been using and then they need to open the settings option. 
    2. Under the settings option, the users need to scroll down and look for the support section, and soon after finding it, they need to press on it. 
    3. Now, in this step the users need to press on the I need help tab following which they need to press on the snap streaks option.
    4. To get back the Snapstreak lost the users need to press on let us know in the option of what if my snap streak has gone. 
    5. Now, the users have to press on my snap streaks disappeared, and move to the next step. 
    6. The users now need to fill in the correct information which has been asked of them on the screen and then once the details have been filled and checked the users need to click on the send button. 

Snapchat will now look into this matter and will help its users to get back the Snapchat streak lost after they have seen the complaint of users and for this, the users need to wait for a few days till Snapchat contacts them back. 

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