How to Choose Your Lawyer Well

Do you need a lawyer to obtain legal advice on a situation you are facing or to defend yourself in court? The choice of this legal professional, often made in a hurry, is an important decision to think about. What are the criteria to consider to find a lawyer who suits your needs? Do all lawyers have the same skills?

Recourse to a lawyer is compulsory in some instances and optional in others. Nevertheless, their assistance is strongly recommended even if it is not required. So, do not hesitate to contact a specialized lawyer to defend your interests. You can get an international law firm if your dispute is international. If your financial resources do not allow you to pay their costs, you can apply for legal aid.

What are the different elements to consider when choosing a good lawyer?

To choose a lawyer, you must consider the nature of the case, the firm’s location to avoid additional costs and the fees, skills, and reputation of the lawyer. A relationship of trust must also be established from the first interview. The following criteria must be taken into account.

The nature of the case entrusted to the lawyer

The choice of a lawyer depends, first of all, on the nature of the case. Some legal professionals specialize in advice, while others propose to defend their clients before the courts. Then, it is necessary to define if the case requires the intervention of a specialist or not.

There are two types of lawyers:

  • Generalist lawyers: having no specialization, they practice all legal matters;
  • Specialist lawyers who have a certificate of specialization. If the case is complex or falls within a particular area of expertise, choosing this type of lawyer is recommended, as they are familiar with the subject and the procedures.

The geographic location

Choosing a lawyer near you can be advantageous in simple cases where it is unnecessary to call on a specialist. This option does not incur additional costs, such as travel and postulation costs, to carry out the acts and procedures at the bar. Nevertheless, it is better to choose a lawyer according to the degree of specialization if the case requires special expertise.

Contact with the lawyer

The first contact established with the lawyer is an important indicator of the quality of his work. A good lawyer has an educational role so that the client is aware of the stakes of the case. Thus, it is necessary to be attentive to the behavior of the lawyer during the first interview by asking the questions on this list:

  • Does he clearly explain what is involved in handling the case?
  • Does he ask questions to understand the client’s needs fully?
  • Does he pay attention to what he says to him?
  • Does he seem to know enough about the subject?

Moreover, the availability of a lawyer is an essential criterion. He must inform his client of the case’s progress and respond to his requests.

Legal fees

The fees, which differ from one lawyer to another, are not necessarily representative of the quality of their work. The remuneration of this legal professional depends on multiple factors.

Here is the list:

  • Working conditions: the size of the practice, the presence of assistants, etc., are considered;
  • The lawyer’s experience;
  • The difficulty of the case;
  • The client’s financial situation.

The fees of a lawyer, not being framed, he is free to apply the tariffs he wishes. From the first meeting, the lawyer must specify the method of remuneration (flat rate or hourly rate) and the additional costs (travel costs, expert fees, etc.). All this information must be formalized in a fee agreement.


The lawyer’s reputation is also an important criterion when choosing one. However, you must remain objective.

It is common for a litigant to have recourse to a lawyer because he has been recommended. Before calling on the advice of this legal professional, ensure he has the necessary skills to handle the case.

Moreover, the lawyer’s reputation on the web is a good indicator of competence. Most of these lawyers have a website, a blog, or are referenced on a dedicated site.

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