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Facebook: How to Recover Your Deleted Posts?

Facebook is the most demanding platform and secure and well-established social media platform for millions of users. 

It has incredible features such as users can post images, videos, and stories on their profile, and can have interesting conversations on Facebook messenger.

When users want to know how to retrieve deleted posts on Facebook, they can take a glance at the methods given below:

Method 1: Ways to recover Facebook deleted posts from the timeline:

  • Sign into the Facebook Account
  • Go to delete posts and recover notifications, from the Notification tab 
  • Look for the posts that need to be recovered and restore them.

Method 2: To restore deleted posts on Facebook:

  • Users must sign in to their Facebook account and then
  • Go to the Settings option. 
  • Users can create a copy of their data, in case the posts get deleted, to create a copy, users must click on the “Download your Information” option.
  • To recover the required post, users must uncheck all others options and tick the required one to create the file and download it.
  • Users can download their data by clicking on the “Available copies” option.
  • From the downloaded file, open the file and restore deleted posts on Facebook.

Method 3:  For users, steps for how to retrieve deleted posts on Facebook:

  • On the Facebook account and go to the Facebook settings and then  
  • Go to the ‘Activity Log’ 
  • From “Trash”, search for deleted posts.
  • If it still exists in Trash, restore it otherwise it is permanently deleted.

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