The GUMS Procedure: Achieving A Uniform And Attractive Smile

GUMS Procedure

The GUMS Procedure is a method developed by Britegums founder Dr. Robert Stanley, DDS, to help patients achieve uniform, attractive smiles that are cosmetically appealing and long-lasting. Based in Los Angeles, California, our practice uses the GUMS Procedure to help patients whiten their teeth and protect them from discoloration or cavities without general anesthesia.

Step 1 – Understanding The Technology:

Dr. Stanley, who has been practicing dentistry for over thirty years, developed G.U.M.S after noticing that patients would be embarrassed by the uneven appearance of their teeth following dental restoration or other cosmetic procedures. Realizing that this was a major concern for his patients, he had an idea to create a procedure that could help provide both better aesthetics and improved oral health.
Step 2 – Preparing for Treatment (two sentences)
Before your treatment begins, Dr. Stanley will first examine your teeth to determine if you are a good candidate for the GUMS procedure in order to get you started on the path towards achieving your best smile yet!
Step 3 – The Gums Procedure (eight sentences)

Step 2 – Preparation:

Once the patient is in the chair, Dr. Stanley will apply a liquid anesthetic to numb the patient’s gums. He then cleans the teeth and gums before applying a topical anesthetic to them as well. Next, he injects G.U.M.S into specific areas of the gum to make them less visible from your front teeth. The treatment is completed with some post-treatment care instructions for the at-home care that can be found on our website or in our office waiting room for those who would like more information on how to care for their new smile!

Step 3 – Treatment Session:

3. In the treatment session, the patient will be asked to bite down on the hard surface of their mouthguard while Dr. Stanley gently massages their gums with the special gel that is applied to their teeth.
4. The overlying cells are removed through gentle scrubbing of the gums (similar to tooth brushing) until they’ve reached healthy tissue underneath.
5. When finished, Dr. Stanley will remove any excess gel with a soft cotton pad and he’ll seal up your mouthguard to avoid transferring any bacteria back into your mouth!

Step 4 – Recovery And Follow-Up Care:

Following the procedure, your teeth may feel sensitive for a few hours. For this reason, it is recommended that you take pain medication to reduce any discomfort. In addition, it is important to brush your teeth as normal following the procedure.

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