3 Types of Emails to Automate to Boost Sales, Upsells, and Profits

Email is a powerful marketing tool for any business if you use it properly.

The customer’s inbox is more of a distraction-free zone to which you are invited, giving you a chance to grab his attention with more targeted offers than any digital channel.

So it’s no surprise that the effectiveness and ROI of email marketing are remarkable. Email is 40 times more valuable in gaining customers than Facebook and Twitter. And for every $ 1 spent on email marketing, it can generate a return on investment of $ 44. But as important as email marketing is, it is not enough on its own. Effective email marketing is about automation. Send the right email at the right time to the right leads and get lifelong customers who will be evangelists for your business.

Here are 3 emails you need to automate to increase sales, sales, and revenue.

1. Welcome email

You have a chance to make a good first impression. And if your new customer introduction isn’t impressive, so are your subsequent campaigns.

By generating three times more transactions and revenue per email than other promotional emails, a welcome email is a major theme of your email campaigns.

When a visitor spends time subscribing to your mailing list, they will not only agree with future newsletters but will also give you access to their inbox. Don’t worry about their confidence. Balance their expectations for the future.

Get new subscribers with fun and friendly welcome emails. For example, you can offer them unique discount codes. This will boost sales among potential customers who have recently committed to further contributing to your business.

2. Email about leaving the cart

Yes, people are scattered. They go shopping online and have something to distract from. For example, they get a notification on Facebook, their phone rings, someone knocks on the door … and they leave the car without hesitation.

According to a report by the Baymard Institute, 69% of e-commerce visitors leave their shopping cart and 61% cite high shipping costs. Turn customers into abandonments of your choice by responding to the cost of sending follow-up emails.

Can you tell the life value of your customers? Are most likely to be regular customers after trying your services? If so, give them a “risk” discount so they can hit the front-end. However, if your rates are too low to compete with shipping, ask for feedback. You may not always be able to transfer abandoned shopping carts, but try contacting them to find out why they did not complete your purchase. Use their feedback to improve the payment process.

3. Demonstration of a new product

If you create attractive and unobtrusive e-mail campaigns that promote new products, you will raise expectations for your new product. This can generate a huge amount of support and can help you achieve your project goals. Do you have a new product on the market soon? Create a teaser campaign and inspire your customers about your upcoming launch. This way, they will look for more updates and will probably buy the product when it becomes available.

Trailer emails are simple because they only need to arouse curiosity and retain an audience.

If you write and manage email content correctly, your life will be faster and your business will grow. To find out how the most successful online entrepreneurs plan, create, and deliver more content, download my free checklist The 5 Step Content Strategy,

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