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Complete Guide Daily Routine Fat Guy Problems

If you’ve been in a relationship with a fat guy, you’re not alone. Every group has one at one point or another. They’re usually hefty and overweight, but they can carry their weight pretty well. They also tend to have attractive girlfriends and live an active lifestyle. They like to drink a lot of beer and eat whatever they feel like. In short, they’re usually the life of the party.

Overweight or plus-size men are superior lovers

According to a study, women prefer over-size or overweight men, and there is actually a reason behind that. A recent survey of 2,544 British women found that 38% preferred overweight or plus-size men to slim men. This is partly due to a psychological factor: if a man is overweight, he is more confident. In addition, he is likely to be more patient and caring.

Why fat guys work on their material

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