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3 Of The Best Protagonists In A Time Loop Movie

Characters are what make almost every single time loop movie great. The development of a film is only possible when each character changes. Let’s take a look at some examples.

1. Groundhog Day with Phil Connors

Groundhog Day is the movie’s blueprint for time loop movies. Its protagonist greatly contributes to the film’s continued success. Bill Murray portrays Phil Connors as a jaded and unfeeling journalist who covers Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney (Punxsutawney), Pennsylvania. He shows little enthusiasm for the job and is condescending to the people of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. His character has room for improvement. Connors’s character grows as he relives the same day. The knowledge gained from living each day many times helps him to stop consuming one-night stands, eating excessively, and manipulating the situation. The improvement keeps viewers interested; they want to see him break out of the time loop. They want to see him change by the end of this loop. What lesson would it be to relive the same day if Connors didn’t solve the loop? You can give your characters room to improve by giving them specific flaws. Connors’ flaws were not automatically present; they had to be selected by the screenwriters. Choose the flaws that your character will exhibit. You must decide how to balance watching your main character grow while keeping the viewer amused. It is impossible for a character to grow too quickly. This change must be felt by the audience throughout, regardless of how gradual.

2. William Cage, Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise plays Major William Cage in Edge of Tomorrow. He is inexperienced with combat and puts his well-being first. He is at his core a self-preservationist. Cage tries to blackmail Brigham to get Cage to go with the soldiers on Normandy Beach to Operation Downfall. Cage doesn’t care about fighting for the greater good or representing others who do, he just wants to survive. Cage is forced to question this mindset as he enters the time loop. Cage is the only person who has a chance to save humanity from its inevitable demise. He must be mentally and physically fit enough to defeat the invasive alien race. This allows Cage to develop. Cage’s character is constantly evolving, despite the movie being set on the same day. Each day feels unique because Cage is different. Each looped day feels like a new one because of his improved combat skills, his relationship with Rita and his understanding of the alien race.

3. Nyles and Sarah in Palm Springs

Both of the protagonists in Palm Springs are still struggling with unresolved issues. Niles, played in the film by Andy Samberg is trapped in a loop for so long that he can’t remember his job. He accepted his unending fate in the loop until he met Sarah, played by Cristin Mioti. Niles gave up on the idea that he could escape the loop and accepted living in it for the rest of his life. Nyles finally decides to go along with Sarah to find a way out, as he doesn’t want to live in the loop without Sarah. He finally cares enough about his fate to change it. Sarah feels guilt about her affair with her sister-to-be’s husband. Although overcoming guilt is not necessary to escape the time loop, Sarah must come to terms and accept her actions to be able to find the resolve and the way out. Sarah and Nyles are excellent examples of flawed characters that viewers can care about and remain invested in. The movie’s arc is a captivating tale that captures the attention of viewers. It shows their growing relationship and how they confront each other. And their eventual growth at the end.

Your characters should be imperfect. You can make them selfish, inept, or weak. Then, you can use the time loop as a way to give them the opportunity to improve. This will allow you to create a compelling, complex character and will keep viewers engaged in the story.

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