The SUZUKI Carry is the “all-terrain” vehicle with a high off-road rating, and that’s the “ace in the hole”!

Suzuki Carry

The SUZUKI Carry is the “all-terrain” vehicle with a high off-road rating, and that’s the “ace in the hole”! That is what all the Suzuki Lovers would like to hear about the great and good news.

Compared to the TOYOTA Town Ace and the Chinese Veryca, the Suzuki Carry 2022 is not the top of the line in terms of design and set-up, and mostly falls in between the two, lacking the power to compete for the “small commercial vehicle supremacy”, but at a time when the “money-making car duo” are getting bored with the over-exposure and frequent marketing, the SUZUKI Carry is a popular choice for car buyers in Japan. It is a great choice for the car-buying public to break away from the mundane and show off their uniqueness, as evidenced by the Japanese-specification heightened version, which boasts the ability to make a fortune regardless of weather or terrain.

With a large cargo compartment and a lightweight that is not found in medium to large trucks, the van is a natural choice for urbanites who make a living from their vehicles. With annual sales as high as those of ordinary coupés, TOYOTA has launched its first “Fortune Car”, the Town Ace, in an attempt to take over from the long-established Chinese Veryca, which has become the hottest topic in the local car market recently. Compared to the aforementioned “rich car duo”, the SUZUKI Evergreen Small Commercial Car is not the most eye-catching in terms of size, fuel consumption, equipment, weight, and even price, and without a lot of publicity.

According to AutoFun Thailand, the Suzuki Carry 2022 is for sale under one variant namely the 2020 Suzuki Carry 1.6 at the price of THB 385,000 with the body dimensions of 4,195 in length, 1,765 Width and 1910 Height. With various features under Accessories Suzuki Carry, like electric power steering, it brings various kinds of commercial business for fun.

The acid itself looks different only in terms of branding, from the exterior, interior, power, transmission to the chassis, even though it maintains the formal structure of a small commercial car, but in its home base in Japan, it has a high level of tuning popularity and a unique and enhanced style, which is a strong point that can be far ahead of TOYOTA Town Ace and Chinese Very. In addition to the highly visible and trendy Low Down, the Over Land is also gaining popularity as a result of the significant expansion of the SUZUKI Carry segment, which has raised the height of the car. Out Class, which specializes in Off-Road modifications, has mixed this Carry’s Japanese version with the ideas of its own off-road king, Jimny, by replacing the front shock absorbers with longer stroke shock absorbers and springs, and developing a higher seat for the rear leaf springs, longer fuel lines, and longer arms, together with wide J-value aluminum alloy wheels and MT chunky off-road tires. These items alone are enough to increase Carry’s ability to conquer the terrain, even if the delivery route is rugged, it will definitely be able to achieve the mission.

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