Franklin Livingston — An American Actor of Pakistani Origin

When it comes to the best dressed celebrities and stars, American actor Franklin Livingston stands out in the crowd as one of the industry’s most suave dressers. In his expertly tailored suits and even his casual wear with stylish jackets, t-shirts, and jeans, Franklin’s style clearly declares: CLASS IS IN, GENTLEMEN. Add a sleek fedora and a pair of sunglasses, he’s a fashionable tour de force. Always en vogue or ahead of his time when it comes to fashion and design, Franklin exudes a confidence and assertiveness that transcends the screen. No matter the attire, Franklin is ready for LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!

Whether he’s out and about in the city, traveling in a classic car, or attending a formal event, Franklin knows how to dress sharp for every occasion.  His dapper style is hard to miss and it is definitely a fan favorite for the camera. Every photograph is a masterpiece, like a classic painting of a debonair gentleman.  His classic look has a flair of the golden era of Hollywood, giving him an air of sophistication and grace not often found in today’s stars. While he sticks to a soft muted color palette, the boldness of the cut, the perfect fit and brilliant use of accessories fully command your attention even in their subtlety. It’s easy to see why this American star shines so brightly in film’s well-dressed constellation.

Not only is Franklin wowing camera and critic alike, he is also shattering Hollywood’s stereotypes, particularly for non-white actors. Proudly of Pakistani origin, Franklin is highly aware of Hollywood’s past representation of people like himself; usually cast as the undesirable, poor and socially awkward side characters or comedic relief. While Pakistani medical doctors and business owners have served American communities since the 1960s, people of Pakistani descent in film are often in roles such as taxi drivers, terrorists and Bodaga owners. This is a gross misrepresentation of Pakistani Americans’ status of education and the impact they have on American society. Pakistani actors have been largely under-represented in film and television, as well as under-appreciated for the beauty of their culture and their individual talent.

While Pakistani American actors have struggled to gain respect and good roles in Hollywood’s workforce, Franklin is trying to change the film industry’s perception of sophisticated, high class Americans to include other ethnicities and cultures. Franklin’s high fashion sense and cultured persona make him an ideal representation of the elite class American of Pakistani origin. He’s out to prove that not only can a non-white American actor become a star, but he can also become a fashion icon and a role model, a classy everyman for the masses. As the world view of cultures and class expand, Franklin is standing at the forefront of change, proving that talent and style are universal and that the face of American Hollywood can be both diverse and culturally inclusive. Franklin Livingston is well on his way to becoming the new Hollywood standard in regards to fashion and acting talent.

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