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Not every home is suitable for a large corner kitchen or cooking island. That’s not bad because straight kitchens are compact and versatile and offer more than enough options. A small space is optimally utilized in this way and is also the perfect connector between the kitchen and living room.

Everything against the wall

There are many different shapes for kitchens, such as island kitchens, G, U, and L-shaped and straight kitchens. Like all kitchens, the straight kitchen – a kitchen in which all cabinets and appliances are built against one wall – has enough space for a hob, sink, desired built-in appliances, dishwasher and refrigerator.


Advantages and disadvantages of the straight kitchen

Every kitchen shape has advantages and disadvantages; this is also the case with the straight kitchen. Therefore, first, measure carefully which shape best suits the space and think carefully about which style suits you. Do you end up with a straight lineup? Check out this list of pluses and minuses:



A straight kitchen can be placed in almost any kitchen space.

The straight setup is easy to measure, so mistakes are made less quickly.

A straight-lined kitchen is easy to design.

The setup is very clear.

Everything is within reach.

A straight kitchen saves space, so you still have options to create a cosy dining area.


A straight kitchen can look standard and somewhat cheap.

There is less cooking space: a straight kitchen has only one worktop.

The layout of the kitchen

An average kitchen is three meters long. With a straight kitchen, the design is often easy: usually, the cooking area is cooking in one corner and the refrigerator on the other. If you design a straight kitchen, draw a line on paper with the length of the kitchen wall. Draw a 60 cm wide stove and a 60 cm refrigerator on the other corner.


The remaining space is for countertops and the sink, and doesn’t forget to leave some extra countertop space on both sides of the cooking area. The oven is usually located in a tall cupboard above the refrigerator in a straight kitchen.

How do you get the most out of the straight lineup?

  • Get up to speed. Use wall shelves and extend upper cabinets to the ceiling for more storage space. Keep the shelves and cabinets in a light colour. With a dark colour, the kitchen appears even smaller.
  • Alternate: for example, two closed upper cabinets with open shelves in between. This is not only convenient, but it also looks more homely and luxurious.
  • Use the wall and floor optimally by washable kitchen rugs and runners, hanging racks, rods or hooks.
  • Provide optimal storage space. There are also flap benches with a wealth of storage space ideal for the straight kitchen.
  • Combine the kitchen with a cooking island, if you have the space for it, of course. In this way, you create a place in the middle of the kitchen where you can sit, cook and store.
  • Be creative. Place a sink on which you can place a cutting board so that your sink disappears under the shelf, and you suddenly have much more space.
  • Make it a kitchen diner. That way you don’t have to put the kitchen table in another room, leaving you even more space in the house. Tip: create a nice hanging space with a custom-made wall bench.
  • Go for colour and choose one of the latest kitchen trends. A straight kitchen doesn’t have to be boring. Kitchen non slip kitchen runners and cabinets or the back wall in a bright colour are fine. Optionally, you can give the kitchen unit a calm colour and give a wall an accent colour. Afraid of completely missing the point? Then choose a calm accent wall and combine, for example, white tones with fresh green. Or go for a different modern colour.

How much does a straight kitchen cost?

The price of a straight kitchen depends on the size of the kitchen. The average price of a straight kitchen of three meters, including equipment, is 6000 GBP. Straight kitchens can also come in other sizes but must be 2.40 meters to be practical.


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