Vintage Jewelry for a Fun, Funky and Flirty Wardrobe

Yes! It’s true. Vintage jewelry gives that extra shine to your wardrobe that isn’t available in contemporary accessories. If you don’t have any familiarity with antique brooches, earrings, or other antique pieces, you might think that “vintage is synonymous with old and boring. However, this isn’t the case.

Vintage baubles are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Although it’s true that you can find extremely elegant and extravagant pieces, there’s also an abundance of antique accessories that shout ‘Girls Just like Us to Enjoy Fun.’ If you’re looking for an elegant brooch to put to match your outfit for a formal ball, you’ll be able to getting it in the world of vintage. However when you’re just looking for an amazing pair of vibrant cool earrings that will go with your favorite jean jacket, you will be able to find them in the vintage market if you look around.

There’s a vast selection of old-fashioned jewels that I’m unable to go through the options that are available. Let’s take an overview of some of the most intriguing and interesting vintage gems.

In what is referred to in the Arts and Crafts era, jewelry was straightforward in its form, but intricately made and very colorful. This period is where we can find amazing pieces that could contain colored glass, colored stones like turquoise and amethyst and also enameling. These stunning antique pieces with nearly every outfit you own.

There’s also The Art Nouveau period that started with French designers. These pieces have a mysterious appearance and are filled with feminine appeal. The lines are sleek, curly and flowing on the jewelry. They were usually designed from natural elements. There are nymphs, dragonflies and flowers in vintage earring necklaces, as well as other pieces from the time. Give a fun accent to your edgy attire by wearing a vintage necklace or bracelet.

Jewelry that dates back to that Art Deco era is dazzling and striking. You should look for geometric designs with powerful lines and angles. Rockets, sphinxes and arrows and scarabs are a few typical themes that you will see in this fashion. Flapper beads and long earrings are a particularly enjoyable vintage items from the period. Fine jewelry pieces from the time include a lot of white and platinum. The majority of costume jewelry is fun since it is composed of a diverse collection of different materials. Celluloid and Bakelite plastics were often used to create an exciting beat when added to your favorite outfit or dress.

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