Diamond Necklaces – The Darlings of Fashion

An elegant evening dress cannot be complete without the adornment of fashion that is a diamond necklace. Diamond necklaces add elegant style that everyone wants to show on special occasions. As with for instance, the Mona Lisa without her smile, the look would not be as beautiful without this vital element in the picture. From simple diamond solitaire necklaces to multi-diamond, encrusted jewelry diamond necklaces are guaranteed to be a part of women’s hearts.

What could be more satisfying be than the feeling of putting an exquisite diamond strand in the neck the person you fall in love with every day. The reaction of her to this present will be overwhelming, and she’ll be able to cherish the special moment.

Diamond Necklaces vs. Diamond Pendants:

The past is in the back that of the diamond jewelry. Perhaps you’ve heard of the famous blue diamond which was later dubbed “the” Hope Diamond. It is now set in a stunning diamond studded necklace that is part of the Smithsonian. It’s the epitome of elegant style and is the standard jeweler for exquisite diamond necklaces.

A diamond jewelry necklace contains diamonds all over the necklace’s string, pendants made of diamonds usually have diamonds on “the “pendant” portion while the necklace is made of silver or gold and doesn’t have diamonds. Both are elegant and gorgeous however, they have different designs can be worn for formal or semi-formal events and vice versa.

Choker or Full Length Necklaces:

Diamond choker necklaces are a perfect fit for the neck and provide distinct looks from long diamond chains. They typically measure 14 to 16 inches in length, and they could have a length adjustable mechanism that is near the clasp. If the person receiving it has a long neck diamond chokers can appear very elegant. If the neck is shorter is desired, then a thinner choker is required together with the use of a pendant to ensure it can be a lengthening effect.

If one who is tall are able to wear whatever length necklace they like that ranges from a choker to the full length necklace of up forty inches or more. A choker can lessen the emphasis on size and put the focus on the beautiful neckline. It also draws more on the face. If a person of average size wants to enhance their look, a longer length necklace is ideal. For those who are bigger person, then a larger length necklace can increase the length of the wearer’s look. This is also true for smaller women, who need for an 18 – to 24-inch diamond pendant to make they appear to be taller than they actually are.

As we age and get older, we lose some of the youthful look we used to have. When wearing a necklace that is longer the focus can be put on the necklace and not the neck or face. A pendant that hangs from the necklace could draw attention away off the face.

Facial Shape – Choose the Right Length Necklace

The appearance of a woman’s face can give a clue about the length of diamond necklace she looks most attractive in. Faces with a round shape are most attractive when using longer necklaces of diamonds because they will have a lengthening effect. If smaller chokers are worn by someone with a round-face shape, the shorter necklace will emphasize how round their faces appear.

If the face of a woman has a more oval shape, any length necklace is appropriate and stylish for the special occasion.

The suggestions above should help you choose the best necklace or diamond to give that special person. If you’re searching for a dragon jewelry necklace at lowest prices then you can visit here.

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