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All Airtel SMS Center Number

Thanks to technology and increasing competition in the telecom industry, we have transitioned from an age where landlines were used exclusively to make calls. We can now make calls using our mobile phones and also send text messages at a far cheaper rate. The SMS has been a very important part of the telecom industry for decades now.

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State Wise Airtel message center number

Airtel is one of the leading mobile network provider in India. It has been providing many facilities to users like sms and call services. Everyone wants an availed airtel number to be used on messaging purpose only not on calling purpose. There are many people who have 2 or 3 several numbers of Airtel due to various other reasons. Sometimes it becomes difficult to figure out which number is active and which isn’t. Due to which, users end up calling wrong numbers.

read also: Airtel Message Center Number 2022

State Name Airtel SMSC Number

Andhra Pradesh +919849087001

Assam +919818023015

Bihar +919831029416

Gujarat +919831029416

Delhi +919810051914

Chhattisgarh +919845086020

Jharkhand +919845086020

Jammu and Kashmir +91845086007

West Bengal +919932029007

Uttar Pradesh +919810051914

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