Why Choose Australia for Higher Studies with IELTS?


Why Study In Australia?

Australia enjoys a solid and enduring reputation for its educational system worldwide. They have one of the greatest percentages of people with higher education credentials anywhere in the globe. According to study in Australia consultants, the nation also keeps registering high rates of education and literacy. Australia has a top-notch educational system that provides high-quality instruction for reasonable tuition costs. Here are some reasons why choose Australia for higher studies with IELTS.

Study in Australia

In Australia, there are 2 private universities in addition to the 37 government-funded institutions. Numerous additional specialized higher education institutes are also available. In the top 500 QS World University Rankings for 2022, there are 26 Australian institutions, 7 of which are in the top 100. The Australian National University, which is ranked 27th overall, is the best-ranked of these. The University of Melbourne, which is ranked 37th, and the University of Sydney, which is ranked 38th, are the two institutions with the next-highest rankings.

Australia for Higher Studies with IELTS

The first reality is that you must have an IELTS score of at least 6.5 to 7 in order to study in Australia. According to IELTS tutoring, it just takes a week to prepare pupils for the IELTS exam. You can select the top IELTS training in your area. Or you can seek the assistance of study in Australia consultants to help you select the ideal option based on your needs. Additionally, you can choose the best IELTS coaching in Agra as they provide a customized course for the exam, allowing applicants to select the right courses based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Reasons to Choose Australia for Higher Studies

Fantastic Nightlife Can Be Found in the City

In Australia, going out with pals is amazing. I visited Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide in addition to Perth, all of which had vibrant nightlife scenes. Bars were more prevalent, and house parties were more common than clubs. Perth has various clubs, but we didn’t frequently go there. The culture surrounding drinking differs. Although they drink like they do in the UK, partying begins early.

You Can’t Get Home Because Of the Time Difference

Everything depends on your personality and the experience you had in Australia. The time difference has made it challenging for me to stay in touch with friends and family, which has made me miss home. I would frequently get up early to call my folks. This is what gives you the sense that you are in another country. It’s not possible to spend the weekend at home like you could in Europe. I also miss M&S food and having access to familiar things like friends and habits from home that weren’t the same in Australia.

Australia’s West Coast Has A Lot Fewer People than Its East Coast, Making It Significantly Less Populous

Although Perth isn’t the most popular Australian city among international students, I’m delighted I had the chance to visit because it’s in a stunning area. It’s great that the east coasts are significantly more well-liked than the west coasts. Make sure you visit Melbourne and Sydney at least once if you’re a student in Perth as I am. They’re so far apart that you’ll have to fly across!

Australia’s Own Set of Advantages and Disadvantages

Despite the fact that I didn’t have to learn the language and the time difference from the UK, there were some drawbacks to my time in Australia. Furthermore, I observed that Australia was not particularly multicultural, which was a turnoff for me.

One Semester Is Adequate, But You’ll Have to Stay for Longer than That

It takes no more than six months or a semester to explore and actually come to know Australia. The amount of time needed to journey is the most crucial factor. Make sure you have time to visit the country during your semester. Although my school only allowed six months abroad, I would have preferred to remain longer and have others who did the same.

Your Memories Will Endure Forever

Driving through the desert in a campervan, diving off cliffs into the water, trying and failing to surf… Australia is the source of so many extremely cherished memories. I strongly advise going there to get the greatest education possible. It’s a fantastic place to travel to. Think about the advantages you would desire from an exchange programme while choosing a nation to visit. You can go to Meridean overseas if you wish to study in Australia.

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