Who is Watching the Regulators?

I have been doing a lot of research on regulatory bodies, including the FTC. Recently in the FTC’s report on franchising 432-pages I noticed a some discrepancies, which were contrary to my personal knowledge and observation of the agency; specifically the franchising division.

If the FTC is watching American Business, then who is watching the FTC? Some could say private sector attorneys and you can always fight the FTC, but even giants like Microsoft end up settling out of court, due to the cost of litigation these days. The FTC can take away a million or even a billion dollars of hard earned brand name value by grandstanding in the mass media and filing a case. What a complete sham? It costs too much to prove you are not guilty of violating something in the myriad of over-regulation? Wow, is this the best the United States of America, the greatest nation in the world can do? Is this the best that the Federal Trade Commission, the darling of the Justice Department can do? Are you kidding me, that is it? That’s all you got? You could not be first picked on a third grade recess basketball team. Filing bogus cases and grandstanding to prove that you are doing your job and get next years budget? Why?

So you can employ more people in the Beltway? The unemployment rates there are so low you cannot even get a legal citizen to come mow your lawn in Woodbridge, VA or Bethesda, MD. They even had to import the DC Sniper from the other Washington, Washington State because all the locals are too busy working to go around shooting people, well unless you are a US Marshall with road rage you open fire on a US Navy Sailor in the middle of traffic. Does the government see what is happening here? That their law enforcement officers cannot be trusted? The FBI sting just caught four congressmen. Another sting at the Arizona Border caught local police and border patrol taking bribes to look the other way during illegal drug shipments. The problems are not in the private sector, but since the FTC likes to point fingers, it is time we point back.

Can the Federal Trade Commission admit their faults so we can all move forward for the betterment of country? For the betterment of franchising, the best business model ever created? The Federal Trade Commission’s law enforcement experience, if you really wish to call it that in this report, is an embarrassment to the other law enforcement agencies. Does the Federal Trade Commission have any honest law enforcement experience? If so one has to wonder.

Obviously there are some pretty unethical, unstable and questionable people working in many agencies in DC. Like the FBI agent who lied to get a conviction at the Martha Stewart trial. The FBI agent who gave information to China through a sex slave, extra marital affair, girlfriend spy. How about those 13 LAPD cops who were robbing banks because they had to feed their six kids? Remember recently the hiring of the foreigner to the NJ state homeland security committee in trade for gay sex acts? And of course the Abu Grave prison sex scandal? We are always reading about Border Patrol agents like the one caught as a part of a 15-ton drug shipment, working with a trucking company?

How about the most recent telling quote of Elliot Spitzer saying he is going to drive a stake through the heart of businessman he has a personal vendetta against. (Source WSJ). We know that no agency is perfect, as they are made of imperfect people, but why must the Federal Trade Commission follow suit, in such unethical practice?

We need to clean up government and eliminate the fraud, there is no fraud in franchising, The Federal Trade Commission needs to look in the mirror. I cannot allow the phrase “law enforcement experience” to be used in that report, without comment, that is a clear misrepresentation of an agency which has already admitted that their purpose is to watch trends in industries and if needed file court cases to collect fees. Well if that is the method of the Federal Trade Commission then it does not need a franchising division and all the rules on the books need to be gone through and most of them eliminated. We need to reduce the franchising regulation and receive new vigor and renaissance in Franchising, not stifling and more minutia.

You see law enforcement experience means nothing when you abuse the power of the law. When you manipulate data to justify your job or to help competitors in the marketplace who are inferior, cannot compete fairly or just lack the human capital with any real intellectual capacity to do business at the speed of thought. Promoting weakness in markets is unhealthy and to do so as part of law enforcement actions using methods of abuses of power is not what I consider law enforcement experience, it would be better described as experience for the Gambino Family or Osama Bin Laden who attack freedom and free enterprise.


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