Which schools are offering the IB programme in Singapore?

International Baccalaureate: Best Schools in Singapore Offering IB Programmes

You must consider enrolling your child in one of Singapore’s reputed IB schools. Doing so will open many doors to a successful life. The International Baccalaureate Diploma is a sought-after accomplishment for many students. You should know that young children can also study this international curriculum as early as 6. You will gain from a system that develops its students into global citizens. It makes your children open-minded, intellectual, and capable of adjusting to varying circumstances.


Introduction to International Baccalaureate

The rigidity of the various school systems across the globe led to the founding of the IB organization. More than 100 nations recognize the IB education system today. Many of the top colleges in the UK and North America welcome prospective students with diplomas in an IB programme.

Benefits of IB:

  • Students acquire unique learning skills.
  • IB promotes both individual and academic success.
  • It helps students become multilingual.
  • Pupils are encouraged to think about both local and global perspectives.
  • Government and national systems are not involved in the development of the IB.
  • Private schools Singapore have a worldwide network that incorporates research-based practices.


Best IB Schools in Singapore

In Singapore, the IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum is particularly well-liked. As of 2022, there are 39 IB schools in the nation, 28 of which provide the IB DP. Listed below are some of the best IB schools in Singapore.

1. One World International School (OWIS):

The school provides the IB Primary Years Programme for children aged 3-12 and the IB programme for those preparing for higher education in grades 11-12. An abundance of chances for cooperation, agency, experiential learning, and the development of an international mindset is created by experienced teachers at this IB school in Singapore. The IB DP for grades 11 and 12 encourages self-directed learning, open-mindedness, time management abilities, and a global perspective.

2. Australian International School (AIS):


For kids from 2 to 18 years old, this school in Singapore provides a global education based on the Australian curriculum. With the IB PYP from kindergarten to year 5, the Australian curriculum from years 6 to 8, IGCSE for years 9 and 10, and the HSC or IB Diploma Programme (IB DP) in years 11 and 12, this IB school in Singapore offers education meeting international standards.

3. Global Indian International School (GIIS):

A Singapore-based IB school that accepts pupils between the ages of 2.5 and 18, GIIS provides a variety of international curricula, including the IB PYP, Cambridge Programme, IGCSE, and IB DP. Additionally, children at GIIS have access to state-of-the-art amenities. All of these contribute to the setting that enables students to study a wide range of concepts effectively. In 2021, GIIS’s school average was 38.8 points.

OWIS charges reasonable school fees out of these three schools, which is about 40% less than some other competitive institutions. Cost is a big deal breaker, considering the amount of quality offered. However, it is about 40% less than some other institutions. In addition, after graduating from Grade 12 in 2021, the school’s first IB DP cohort received offers of admission to universities in Singapore and Canada.




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How to Choose a School?

Choosing between numerous IB schools can be daunting, but you can try to narrow it down by investigating whether they cover the below:

  • IB schools should provide an IB programme(IB DP).
  • An IB school should be parents’ popular choice.
  • It should consistently achieve top IB results worldwide.
  • A school that has world-class facilities.

Cost of Studying

The lowest tuition costs for the IBDP are above $20,000 per year at the One World International School (OWIS) and Global Indian International School (GIIS). However, the Australian International School (AIS), among many other private schools Singapore, charges annual tuition costs of $40,000 or more as they are among the most expensive choices for the IB DP.



Why choose an IB school when there are so many other options? The simple answer is that the IB Diploma Program allows students to enrol anywhere in the world, whereas A-Levels and AP prepare them for the UK and the USA, respectively. The best IB schools in Singapore have everything you want or need, including boarding, a beautiful campus, sports facilities, and flexible and immersive learning opportunities. Weigh in the benefits and drawbacks of IB and decide for yourself.

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