What Is the SolarWinds Hack and Why Is It a Big Deal?

Security firm FireEye confirmed the hack to Krebs on Security, but did not publicly blame SolarWinds. The company says that the hackers had months to collect information before realizing their goal. The CDC, state department, and justice department use SolarWinds software. What does this mean for Microsoft customers? Read on to find out. The SolarWinds breach affects the United States’ national security.

SolarWinds hack exposed inner workings of Orion users

In the wake of the recent hack that exposed the inner workings of the Orion email service, the US government has imposed tough new sanctions against Russian hackers. The attack appears to have been coordinated by the Russian intelligence service, which has not yet revealed its identity. The attack began when malicious code was inserted into the Orion email software and used it to launch a massive cyberattack on the United States.

A separate group of hackers attacked SolarWinds’ products earlier this year, a different group from the Russian team. Microsoft’s security research blog posted Dec. 19 detailed the investigation into the SolarWinds hack, and it found further malware that is unrelated to the one responsible for the Orion compromise. Although Microsoft would not officially blame Russia for the attack, the fact is that the malware is spreading throughout the user networks.

Breach of national security

The hack occurred in the context of an ongoing cyber threat to the federal government. The software SolarWinds developed, Orion, is widely deployed across federal systems. Its users were periodically updated with exploits designed to compromise U.S. government networks. After the attack, SolarWinds releases patches and updates that address the vulnerability. However, the U.S. government is not yet sure what exactly is happening.

The hackers may have used a software vulnerability to access federal data. These hackers may have stolen thousands of files containing confidential information on government employees and agencies. The FBI said the hack affected the National Finance Center, which handles federal payrolls. The FBI declined to comment on the matter. However, it is possible that other organizations may have been targeted. As a result, the company should report any data breach to the government.

Potential ties to Russia

The infamous SolarWinds hack is just the latest in a string of recent cyberattacks blamed on Russian operatives. Earlier, a hacking group named Cozy Bear was suspected of attacking the email systems of the State Department and White House. Other attacks have been linked to Russia, including intrusions into the Democratic National Committee’s email system in 2015 and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in 2016. And there are also several breaches around the 2018 midterm elections, with the Russian government denying any involvement.

A group behind a global cyber espionage campaign found suspicious code linked to spying tools used by suspected Russian hackers. Kaspersky researchers also discovered malware tied to the hacking group Turla, which Estonian authorities claim works on behalf of the Russian FSB security service. The SolarWinds hack has become one of the most extensive and high-profile hacks ever revealed. In this article, we will review the recent developments and speculate on possible ties between Russia and the attackers.

Impact on Microsoft customers

The SolarWinds hack has raised many questions for Microsoft customers. As the company has been accused of making false statements about its security posture, the company has said that it has identified a hacking group responsible for the attack. The group, known as Nobelium, compromised the computer of a Microsoft customer support agent, implanted information-stealing malware, and then used that information to launch targeted attacks. Microsoft is currently investigating whether the attackers had any knowledge of the hack and whether they are still in business.

The attack used basic password guessing and brute-force tactics to access the data on computers. While U.S. officials attribute the attack to Russian hackers, the Kremlin has denied involvement in the hacking operation. In a security advisory released Thursday, the NSA specifically mentioned Microsoft products. The investigation into the SolarWinds hack reveals that the hack has had a lasting impact on Microsoft customers.

The assault may likewise prompt a reinforced connection between the US government and the network safety industry, with the confidential area assisting bureaucratic authorities with fending off country state assaults and unfamiliar troublemakers later on, as Insider detailed.

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