What is a Dollar? A Unit of Trade and that is It

We are seeing a drying up of consumer dollars in our markets. But remember the dollar is only an instrument of trade; it is merely a leveling point for evaluation. The dollar creates intrinsic value in everything we desire based on the value we and everyone else in a market sector place on that item in relation to a predetermined unit price of a fixed and stable instrument. So whereas the dollars in the market become scarce, as a small businessperson why not simply revert to other methods of commerce?

If you go all the way back to basics the first way to conduct business is by trading. You should be trading as much as you can when the dynamics of the availability of the instrument are taken from the equation. Let us face it as a small businessperson, who needs dollars except to pay certain bills such as mortgages, car payments, etc. everything else can be traded. In my company our franchisee’s clean cars, so if the bottom falls out of the market they can trade for just about everything. They can wash cars and tow trucks in trade for automotive repairs, haircuts, and dinner at the finest restaurants. Living well is not about money, no not really, it is about quality of life. Quality can mean different things to different people.

To me, it is enjoying a cup of coffee on the Starbucks patio discussing world events, science, politics, religions of the world, etc. Now then so if one of our franchisees cleans the patio at Starbucks once every other week for $45.00 each visit. Then they can have in fact $90.00 towards their quality of life. Of course, the manager of Starbucks is a hero with the cleanest facility and the best reviews and it did not really affect his bottom line at all. You see everything is negotiable and all for 20-30 minutes per month. So I want everyone to collect as much money as possible and use it to buy out existing businesses with cash flow where the owners are not as fortunate as you and cannot control their flow of the green stuff. You can use this down market to increase your market base from competitors who do not understand the simple characteristics of this instrument we call a dollar. It is not the root of all evil, yah maybe some of it, but like anything you can let it control you or you can use it to your advantage. One famous philosopher said, “not having money is the root of all evil.” That actually makes more sense; think about it.


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