What is 4K technology and how to get it for my TV?

Just like other forms of technology, the TV is also evolving. And for a TV, there is nothing more important than the screen. After all, the primary purpose of the TV is to ensure that viewers are able to maximise their entertainment. And it will not be that good unless you have a spectacular screen. Now that we are talking about screens, it is important to mention the meteoric rise of 4K technology. You must have come across the term 4K quite often, in TV ads, mostly. But do you exactly know what it means and refers to? Let us find out!

What does 4K really mean?

When it comes to ads, you might have seen brands explaining 4K UHD, or just 4K and UHD. Whatever the nomenclature might be, the main idea here is the same. By sheer definition, 4K resolution means that the content will be displayed to you in 2160p, or 3840 x 2160 pixels. To give you a bit more context so that you can compare effectively, the Full HD screens only display images in 1080p.

Therefore, when you do the math, you’ll realise that 4K is basically twice as better as having a Full HD TV. Thus, it is no longer quite a surprise that 4K TV has now overtaken HD and full HD when it comes to popularity. Moreover, the 4K revolution is not just restricted to TVs. There are many PC manufacturers who have also started implementing 4K technology into their screens.

However, you should also note down that just because you have a 4K TV doesn’t mean that you will get 4K content. You will also need to have an appropriate DTH box for that. And that is exactly why, we think you should get an Android box TV. With the help of an Android box, you will be able to convert your 4K TV into a smart TV. Even better – the Android DTH boxes are not as expensive either. Thus, they are perfect for you in case you want something that is cheap but feature rich as well.

Get an Android box today for your 4K TV

While there are tonnes of Android boxes in the market today, we think you should only go for the best ones. Which means, only trust the brands that are well known. And if you ask us, we will go with the Airtel Xstream Android DTH set top box. It allows you to stream content in 4K, and also comes with a variety of smart TV features that make up for a delightful experience.

The Android smart TV box runs on Google’s latest Android TV OS and offers access to thousands of apps on Google Play Store. On top of that, you can also watch OTT on the TV screen now. The Android box is the perfect combination of DTH channels as well as smart TV apps. And that’s what makes it so great.

Now, if you already have an Airtel DTH box, here’s a Airtel DTH channel list that might come in handy for you!

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