What brand of car is mclaren?

As a brand of McLaren, McLaren Mobil is a high-end automotive R & D production and sales company. It was founded by Bruce McLaren and is based in Hocking, England. McLaren is involved in not only sports cars, but also World Formula 1 racing, which is very influential.

McLaren has several models for sale in China

There are five models, all of which are sports cars, including the hardtop sports car and hardtop convertible series. The models are McLaren 540c, McLaren 570, McLaren 600lt, McLaren 720s and McLaren gt. Among them, the McLaren 720s is matched with a 4.0-liter 720 horsepower v8 engine and a seven-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox with a top speed of 341 km/h.

McLaren 720s chassis steering system

The vehicle adopts the drive mode of stopping the rear drive, the front suspension type is double wishbone independent suspension, the rear suspension type is double wishbone independent suspension, adopts the electric hydraulic power steering mode, uses the load-bearing body, the vehicle front and rear brakes are ceramic ventilated discs.

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