What are the benefits of blogging for healthcare companies?

When they open up their search browsers, the majority of individuals look for reliable, authoritative health sources.

Even though you might think blogging is old-fashioned, research shows that nearly 80% of internet users still regularly read blogs. Using blogs as a tool for healthcare marketing can help patients learn about the changing healthcare industry, new product offerings, or any number of topics.

In addition to that, blogs can increase organic traffic to your website and build brand awareness. Traffic from search engines that do not come from paid advertisements is called ‘organic’ traffic.

In the competitive environment of healthcare in the US, organic traffic and brand awareness resulting in more patients.

Healthcare blog topics

We know that blogging is important, but what does a healthcare company blog about? It probably depends on your particular practice or business, but there are a few general topics that healthcare companies can use to start blogging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Health care companies can create excellent blog content with frequently asked questions, or FAQs. The FAQs can pertain to a particular product or business, or they can answer questions about general healthcare.

Examples might include:

  • What is the best time to see a doctor for ‘X’?
  • Is there anything I should do about ‘X’?
  • Is there a disease/virus that I have?
  • How do I know if I have symptoms of ‘X’?
  • Does this result from ‘X’?

FAQ blogs draw organic traffic and are a natural route for people to get in touch for more information about your services.

An Expert Interview

Expert interviews make excellent content if they can be arranged. As a result of the name, social media status, and reputation of your interviewee, you can boost your website’s traffic and brand awareness.

If you can’t find a guest, an employee can interview a doctor or a highly educated professional at your company and create an interview blog offering advice to potential clients. It establishes you as an expert in the field.

Research Insights

A unique, valuable content strategy positions your company as an industry expert and draws organic traffic.

The following is an excerpt from Flatiron Health Inc.’s blog. Roche acquired this cancer research and customer care company back in 2019 for an astounding $1.9 billion. ’re looking for the kind of growth that takes you from inception to a billion-dollar company in just five and a half years, mimicking the blogging tactics, this highflying company is a good strategy.


Creating blogs that go into detail about your particular area Roche acquired this cancer research and customer care company back in 2019 for an astounding $1.9 billion. or important keywords in search engines. That means more organic traffic that is looking for your particular niche services as well, which means they are more likely to convert into paying patients.

For instance, a pediatric gastroenterology clinic would targetRoche to acquire this cancer research and customer care company back in 2019 for an astounding $1.9 billion.

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Dispelling healthcare myths

According to estimates, doctors only review about half of the medically related sites on the internet. The result is a constant stream of misinformation, which is bad for patients, but it can provide quality blog topics for healthcare companies.

Vaccine safety myths can range from serious, but very real, topics like cracking of the knuckles leading to arthritis or carrots giving you night vision to more lighthearted, but very real questions.

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