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Unsent Messages in Messenger: How to See Them?

If you have by mistake sent a message on messenger that you did not want to send or you have sent that message to a wrong person then let us tell you that you can also unsend that message so that the other person do not reads it. But what if you want to know what’s in that unsent message and you want to know how to see unsent messages on messenger without an app? 

If this is the case then let us tell you that you are reading the right blog to know about it as in this blog we are going to tell our users how they can see the messages which have been unsent by others. 

Turning on the email notifications to see unsent messages

The users can see the unsent messages on messenger by turning on the email notifications of your device so let us see how the users can do this. If you will turn on email notifications then the users will get an email every time a person sends you a message and that mail will contain the sender as well as the message. And even if that person deletes the message it will be store in the email and you can see it. 

    • To turn on the email notifications the users need to open their Facebook account and then from there they need to click on the hamburger icon. 
    • Following this, the users need to press on settings and privacy and then move to the option on notification under which the users have to press on email button.

Using third-party Apps to see Unsent Messages

If the users want to know how to see an unsent message on messenger then they can use a third-party app like noti save so let us see how the users can use it. 

  • To use noti save the users need to install it first and then they need to open the app on their device following which they need to hit on next button. 
  • After clicking on the next button the users need to allow the app to save notifications and then the users need to click on the bell icon. 
  • Click on unread and then open the notification to read the deleted message. 

To know more about such third-party apps the users need to visit Worldzo website. 

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