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12 Temporary Types Of Breakups That Get Back Together (How to Fix It!)

by Josephine Fuller
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Yes, you have read it correctly: You have the chance to reconcile your broken relationship with your ex, despite how painful, disorienting, or difficult their breakup may have been.

We’ve compiled 12 temporary types of breakups that get back together. If you have just recently gotten out of a relationship and still want to reconcile with your ex. You can start with a proper and sincere conversation. Find out more if your breakup is included in the list and what can you do about it.

1.The Volatile Breakup

This is the type of breakup that concerns two emotionally volatile people. Usually, this is when you break with your partner or spouse in the “heat of the moment.”

The Volatile Breakup includes a very emotional and passionate toll between the two that escalates and results in a sudden splitting up.

The Volatile Breakup brings up a lot of pent-up emotions such as anger, disappointment, stress, jealousy, or envy. Deep down, this isn’t a proper breakup, and the couple just needs to cool things down to settle any tensions.

When emotions get the better of you, it’s simple to say things you don’t mean. It happens frequently for couples who split up during an argument to end up getting back together.

If your breakup included fiery emotions where the two of you got defensive and had a scream-and-shout battle. Or if it is a breakup that sprouted due to a heated argument. Then, you’ll be sure that it is a volatile-type breakup.

How To Fix The Volatile Breakup:

Both parties should learn to lower their ego and learn how to listen to each other properly. Don’t wait for the other person to reach out; take the initiative and ask them respectfully if both of you can process the breakup in peaceful terms.

Apologize for any miscommunication or mistakes that resulted in the breakup. It would help if you also learned to listen to your partner.

Avoid being judgy or critical if you want to make things up and rekindle the relationship. Think twice in reacting; instead, be more forgiving and learn to accept your mistakes and your partner’s mistakes.

2.The Moody Breakup

The Moody Breakup is also known as the on-again-off-again breakup. This breakup happens when there is a go-to approach to split. It usually goes on for days to weeks until the couple reconnects as if nothing terrible happened before.

In this scenario, there is already a cycle of passion and hatred within the relationship. This cycle or pattern is already established. There’s a big fight, and then you two both resort to splitting up and no communication.

In a few days, you will go back to each other, indiscreetly telling your love and affection to each other. Then, the cycle repeats itself. The breakup is similar to the volatile breakup, however, in this case. Getting back together seems to be nonchalant.

In this type of breakup, neither of the individuals involved feels finished with the relationship. Both feel anxious, but at the end of the day. They feel reassured they will still get back together no matter what happens.

How To Fix The Moody Breakup:

In reality, the on-and-off breakup is childish and immature. It is an unhealthy way of processing each other’s negative emotions. To solve this, you must find healthy ways to resolve your issues and learn to stop the cycle when it happens.

Now that you have recognized the pattern in the relationship. You must learn how to forcefully stop the process. In this way, you are gaining momentum and stability in your relationship. You also need to stick to your decision. Tell your partner that this on-and-off breakup process needs to stop.

types of breakups that get back together

3.The Co-dependency Breakup

Being codependent with one another in the relationship is good to some extent. However, if the relationship becomes imbalanced due to one being more desperate for their partner’s companionship, the relationship may become stagnant and complicated, resulting in a messy and painful breakup.

If you or your partner have become too codependent upon one another, the relationship will lack growth, and there will be fewer personal boundaries for the both of you to grow. Having your entire world built for them can be nauseating, to say the least.

Co-dependency can stem from psychological traumas such as fear of being alone, fear of being unloved, issues from early childhood, and many more.

When one becomes codependent on the relationship, one forms a toxic cycle. As such, you and your partner must be fully aware of your codependent habits and actions that weaken the relationship.

How To Fix The Co-dependency Breakup:

To fix a co-dependency breakup. Both you and your partner must engage in self-reflection. Understand what makes you do certain habits and then recognize them as acts of co-dependency. You must understand your own needs, fears, and motivations in the relationship.

After that, you and your partner must actively engage in open communication. Set a time and day when you can share your thoughts without judgment. It is important to create this important safe space where both of you can actively try to understand each other.

Both of you must set your boundaries. Define individual boundaries within the relationship. Recognize that each partner is a separate individual with distinct needs and desires.

Learning how to have a balanced relationship is a must, and it starts with proper communication. It allows both individuals to truly learn from each other’s mistakes and properly address concerns without resorting to cheap tricks like a temporary breakup.

4.The Friend “Talked Sh*t About You” Breakup

This is the type of breakup when there is a third party involved, but infidelity is not involved. It could be their friend or a family member who profusely goes out there to ruin your image of your partner. Often, this type of manipulative behavior is overlooked by your partner, and you are left to be blamed.

This type of breakup might happen out of nowhere without you knowing. Causing you shock, you may have been feeling confused as to why your lover decided to break up with you all of a sudden.

This “friend” or family member may exaggerate things that you’ve done or dig up any of your past mistakes to show as proof of evidence that you’re not a “good” partner.

Your partner may not have realized it in time. This person has been planting seeds of doubt to confuse and overwhelm them. This creates chaos in the relationship as your partner has a hard time believing you.

How To Fix The Friend “Talked Sh*t About Your Breakup”

You must solve two problems in this scenario — reveal the truth to your ex and confront the person sabotaging your relationship.

You must confront this person who is trying to bring down your relationship. Tell them that you know the manipulation and sabotage that resulted in your breakup. If possible, get help from your ex-partner’s friend or family member. This will tell the person that you are not afraid and that you are willing to fight for your partner.

After that, you must get in touch with your ex if at all possible. Show them any proof that their friend is spreading lies about you. Ask them to trust you and be more reasonable.

Tell them everything you know about the situation. Lastly, you should tell your ex-partner that you will not hold their decision against them.

Your partner should be able to take time and assess the situation for themselves. No matter how hard you try, your partner must see through the lies and deception themselves and realize they have been played all along. This allows you and your forceful actions to save the relationship and become genuine.

5.”The Lack of Romance” Breakup

Unlike other types of breakups, the “Lack Of Romance” Breakup can be a little tough to fix. The breakup, as the name suggests, is when you or your partner, or both of you “fall” out of love, passion, or sexual attraction.

Romance and intimacy can be difficult to get back. This is usually hard to resolve as you or your partner fails incessantly to see the point in pursuing the relationship because there’s no chemistry anymore.

This type of breakup usually happens in long-term couples or marriages. The breakup happened due to arguments regarding your partner’s lack of romantic and sexual attraction towards you. The breakup might also happen if your partner shrugs off any communication regarding their lack of intimacy.

How To Fix “The Lack of Romance” Breakup:

Evaluate the situation. Why do you still want to get back together with your partner if you are already falling out of sexual attraction? Is it because you truly love your partner, or do you want to stay for other reasons?

Once you’ve decided that you are here to make the relationship work. You need to find ways to turn up the heat and romance in the relationship. Double the fun and sexiness in the relationship! You can start by trying out new kinks or roleplays.

Try being a little more flirtatious and throw some witty banter here and there. Being open to suggestions in different ways to spice up your sex life is a must.

Alongside that, it is important to double up your “sex” factor by doing any means of increasing your attractiveness. Work out, eat healthily, smell nice, revamp your whole look, and dress sharply!

Traveling and exploring the world together is also a wonderful way to spark the fire again! It allows you to reconnect with your estranged partner. Communication is also an important factor here; both of you must mutually agree on “trying” out ways to ignite that spark in the relationship again.

6.The “I Need Some Time To Think” Breakup

This type of breakup usually happens when you or your partner in the relationship suggests a “time out” for more personal time and space to think. This usually involves not contacting each other for days or weeks.

Creating distance can be a double-edged sword. For some couples, it is a way to make them “miss” each other and admit that both of them feel weak when they are separated from each other.

For some, distance can create more detachment and loss of passion. It can even give way to newfound attraction to someone else.

If it is the latter, then expect an inevitable demise of the relationship, especially if any form of infidelity is present at that point. I’m talking about any kind of infidelity, and yes, flirting with other people is cheating.

Remember that every couple is different. Relationships and dating are generally a complex matter to understand. For some people, creating space usually creates a more profound insight as to why they need to commit to each other.

How To Fix The "I need some time to think" breakup:

Distance can offer us perspective. And so when couples eventually come back together after this type of breakup, they can genuinely offer a unique perspective to the challenge they’re facing.

The best thing both parties can do in this situation is to have an agreement on how long the ”temporary” breakup will be. When you and your partner have a detailed plan on how long you are going to be separated.

This will give reassurance and stability because both of you will know when to have time to settle it, usually when this happens. It is a resolution of whether to continue the relationship or not.

7.The Incompatibility Breakup

An incompatibility breakup happens when two individuals in a relationship decide to end things abruptly due to “incompatibility” of some sort. This incompatibility can stem from other aspects of the relationship, such as differences in finances, work, family, business, or personal matters.

Whether you both decided to break it off due to your partner moving out of the country or city for work or your partner’s family deeming you “not worthy.”

Sometimes, it can even be about the differences in your career. Which one stays in the house, and which goes out to work? This can even go as far as both individuals questioning their partner’s worth and career.

Other problems to look out for are differences in cultural or ethnic background, which forces a  couple to evaluate their relationship. Differences in religious or spiritual beliefs as well as differences in certain viewpoints.

How To Fix Incompatibility Breakup:

To fix the incompatibility breakup, first, both of you must assess the root of the problem. This is the main problem that hinders both of you from truly pursuing your relationship goals.

 A proper conversation must happen between you two. This is a time when both of you can truly evaluate the core strengths and weaknesses of your relationship.

If you want to fix it, make sure you both stay in the same boat. Ask your partner if the relationship is worth saving. Ask them if they love you and tell them what makes the relationship worth it. Regardless of any “incompatibility” or “differences .”Love must stay above it all.

You need to bend some rules to be “compatible .”Both of you in the relationship need to be adaptable to fix any misunderstandings or opposing ideas. You must also understand that all relationships are hard and complex. It’s only up to the two of you if you truly love each other and stick through the end of it.

8.The Unresolved Turmoil Breakup

Unresolved turmoil is the complete opposite of the “I Need Some Time To Think” Breakdown, instead of the individuals involved in the relationship feeling the need to detach from each other. Regardless of the situation, there is a “thing” or “turmoil” that brings the individuals closer together.

This type of breakup usually happens to divorced couples who are bound to connect and interact with each other through their children. There can also be other cases, like a separated couple who share a business. In some cases, it’s secrets that must be kept hidden that keep these exes together.

In this type of breakup, there is always that one particular thing that allows the separated couple to remain tethered together. The attraction might still be there, but mostly, there’s resentment due to the past experiences in the relationship.

How To Solve The Unresolved Turmoil Breakup

This one particular thing that keeps you and your ex-partner together can be a key to redeeming your relationship with them if you see them often because of this unfinished business. You must accept that it is up to your partner to decide if they would still reconsider getting back with you.

To create a genuine connection, you must be sincere and gentle. If you need to apologize for your past actions. Do it in a way where they will feel the old love reconnecting within them. Tell them you still feel somehow connected to them after all these years.

Make your partner raise that question mark in the back of their mind. Offer sincere and sweet gestures from time to time, but don’t make it seem like you’re actively pursuing them again. In this manner, you are opening gates to the potential reigniting of passion in the relationship.

9. The Amicable Breakup

The Amicable breakup is polarizing. On the bright side, this breakup seems peaceful, and there tends to be a lot less anger and heartbreak. The downside is that this breakup lingers with deep regret, uncertainty, and the feeling of “this isn’t the right way” to end a relationship.

This type of breakup will make you feel like “I should have fought hard when I had the chance” or “I would have rather argued with him or her .”An amicable breakup might feel worse than a volatile breakup.

This type of breakup often happens on good-natured exes who stay in touch frequently. This separated couple might even act like “friends .”These types of couples are the ones who are still positively impacting each other’s lives after a breakup.

On a short note, when you experience this type of breakup. You may still have strong feelings towards your ex, and you may decide to reconcile months later or after a few years. The feeling is mutual, as you know that your ex-partner still cares for you.

How To Fix The Amicable Breakup

After the breakup, take some time to evaluate your past relationship. Find the reasons behind the breakup. Decide if reconciliation is worth it. You need to recognize the factors that influenced the downhill of the relationship. This is the time you need to be truthful with yourself about your place in the partnership.  

Be open to start all over again. Start together as friends and work your way from there. Reestablish the friendship gradually by spending time together and staying in touch. Gradually, this will create a natural flow of bonds and attraction, which can reestablish your failed relationship.

10.The “Ex Comes Back” Breakup

If you’ve ever come across a breakup where your partner’s ex is involved. It can usually be a test of love and loyalty for your partner.

When your partner’s ex reenters the picture, it becomes a test of the strength of the current relationship. This situation can evoke a range of emotions and uncertainties for both individuals involved.

You may feel jealousy or anger if you know that your partner still has lingering feelings for the incoming ex. You may reassess your current partner and whether their past relationship holds lingering significance. It can be a delicate test of commitment and loyalty.

How To Fix The “Ex Comes Back” Breakup

In this scenario, it is important to be as truthful and assertive as you can be. Do not entertain any lingering anxiety.

Instead, ask your partner where his or her loyalties lie. Does your partner stand for you or against you? This is the time to be confrontational and let them know how you truly feel.

If your partner reassures you of their loyalty and commitment to you, as well as gives you important reminders of how in love they are with you and how they want to keep the relationship, It is a good sign that your problematic situation is just a challenge for both of you.

However, if they are uncertain or they show that they are “reconsidering” their ex-partner’s offer. It is a clear sign to break away from the relationship.

Remember that building relationships goes both ways. If your partner cannot be committed to you because the ex is interfering with your life, it just shows where your partner’s loyalty lies.

11.The “First Love” Breakup

We all have one relationship that still hurts us to this day. This breakup was heartbreaking because it was your first relationship. It’s full of powerful memories. Nostalgia fills the air once you remember them. This can be one of the most devastating breakups but potentially one of the greatest.

The “First Love” breakup has a very strong established nostalgia that makes you want to stay in the past. In comparison to your other past relationships, this type of breakup still lingers in your subconscious because your ex was your first in everything. You can still picture the old memories and excitement.

If you both have grown significantly after the breakup happened, it’s highly possible that once you meet again, you will get back together because the attraction has been powerful from the start.

This is the type of breakup you would see in romantic Hollywood films like The Notebook. Regardless of how many years have passed, the love has been there like an eternal flame.

How To Fix The “First Love” Breakup

It can be easy to fix this type of breakup because the romantic and sexual attraction has been strong ever since. However, the main challenges are the circumstances that may drive you away from your ex, whether it’s distance, whether they’re still in a relationship, or other factors involved.


Try to think of a memorable moment you two have together, whether it’s you planning something out. Make it happen and show it to them. You must find a way to bring that nostalgia you’re feeling to the surface and send it out to your ex like a message.   

This way, you are reigniting the passion by sending out nostalgia to your ex. If the opportunity happens and you have the chance to interact with them, do it. Be clear with your intentions and tell them you’ve never forgotten the love you experienced with them.

You must also ask for forgiveness, especially if things end badly between the both of you. If you execute these things perfectly, there’s a reasonably high chance of reconciliation.

12.The Tragic Breakup

This star-crossed type of love, like Romeo and Juliet, is tragic. Unfortunately, some couples experience tragic breakups wherein it’s just a “right person, wrong time” kind of circumstance. There can be a lot of factors that create this scenario. This type of breakup can vary from a couple of months to years.

The duration of the separation can usually vary depending on the reason or crisis involved in the relationship. The tragedy here comes with the feeling of hopelessness despite a strong love for one another.

If you experienced a breakup wherein you feel like everything’s wrong timing but the person you ended up with feels “right,” You probably experienced The Tragic Breakup.

An example of a tragic breakup could be a couple splitting up because the other partner’s family is putting pressure on them to marry someone else. Or it could be a moment where a person chooses to make a particularly important decision rather than choosing to stay in the relationship.

How To Fix The Tragic Breakup

Enough can be said about communication and establishing trust. Fated situations can be difficult to handle because we do not have direct control over certain circumstances. However, you and your ex can still choose to be with one another regardless of the situation.

It is the decision that makes the difference. When you decide to love someone and stay in that relationship. You are altering the course of events happening for you. Love is already enough reason to stay with them no matter what. You can choose this or leave the relationship out.

What Should You Consider If You Plan On Getting Back Together With Your Ex?

Reigniting the flame for your ex is a tough decision! As much as we want you to live your best romantic life. You must also be realistic with your expectations and potential downsides.

There are a few things you should consider before getting back together with your ex:

● Why Did You Broke Up In The First Place?

Weigh in the reasons why you two broke up in the first place. Was it because of infidelity, abuse, trust issues, or toxic habits? Remember that no matter how much you love your ex, you must choose to love yourself more.

Infidelity or abuse (physical or emotional) is unacceptable. If these are the reasons you two have broken up, it is time for you to close that chapter. Maybe even burn the whole book if necessary!

However, if it’s due to incompatibility issues or other circumstances and you’ve seen significant improvement in them. You still have to be careful and address your concerns with them through a proper conversation.

● Is The Relationship Worth Saving?

Do you still feel the same love and connection that you did when you first got together? Or do you feel like things have become too toxic to continue? Do not be tempted to risk everything again for the sake of love. Be logical and strategic in a way that things will favor you.

Also, think about other things in your life, like your career or family. Is your career going to be affected if you get back together with them?

What would be your family or close friends’ reaction if they found out you got back together with them? The duration of the relationship doesn’t matter if there’s no clear trust and growth.

● Have You Grown From Your Past Mistakes?

Forgiveness, understanding, and compassion must be at the center stage of your relationship from now on. You cannot afford to make more mistakes, which might lead to another breakup. You must learn from the past mistakes of the relationship.

You and your ex must be willing to talk about the problems that have sprouted in your relationship and actively collaborate to find answers.

By taking this action, you ensure that the reconciliation is founded on mutual love, respect, and understanding and that things don’t return to how they were before.

● Are You Both Willing To Work It Out?

When you get back together with your ex, you’re not just continuing the previous chapter. You’re starting a new one! With that said, it is important to establish clear agreements and boundaries.

Both of you should be honest about what to anticipate from one another. Both should mutually agree on working things out. Expectations and presumptions must be avoided as they may cause more miscommunications and disappointment.

types of breakups that get back together

12 Types of Breakups That Get Back Together: Final Thoughts

Breakups are unfortunate and painful. Regardless, if you see the bright side of it, breakups can be a wonderful time for you to reconnect with your power and grow individually!

This will also allow you to learn more about your boundaries and have a standard in your next potential relationship. Breakups can happen, and they can be inevitable for some.

If you two are truly meant for each other, love will always find its way in the end. If not, learn to accept and let go while being open to new romantic endeavors.

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