Turkey Visa for Antigua Barbuda Citizens & Turkey Visa for Armenian Citizens

This article discusses the changes in policies that have been occurring in the country of Turkey. In order to gain information on how this might affect those living there, as well as those with ties to the country, an article has been written about how these policies change for two particular groups of people- Antigua and Barbuda citizens and Armenian citizens.

Introduction to Turkey

Turks and Turks are people of Turkish origin who reside in countries other than Turkey Visa for Antigua Barbuda Citizens. Turks constitute the largest ethnic group in the world that is not indigenous to that country. The Turkish people are a heterogeneous group, i.e. there is no single unified Turkish culture or identity. Each Turk has his/her own unique way of life and customs. The Turks are believed to be descended from the ancient Anatolian people who migrated from Central Asia into present-day Turkey about 12,000 years ago. In addition to their Turkish heritage, many Turks also have European, Balkan, Armenian, Iranian and Arab ancestry.

The Ottoman Empire was founded in the late 15th century by Osman I and reached its greatest extent under Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566). The empire was divided into three parts at the end of World War I: the British Mandate of Palestine, the French mandate of Syria and Lebanon and the Italian mandate of Libya. In 1922, under Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881-1938), modern Turkey was founded as a secular republic with a national language, script and education system.

Antiguans and Barbudians in Turkey

There are an estimated 293,000 Antiguans and Barbudians living in Turkey and they have a rich history and culture. Turks and Barbudians have long been working together in various fields and many Turks have settled in Barbuda. Turkish-Barbudian relations are warm and friendly.

Although the legal Turkish immigrant population in Antigua is not large, there are many people of Turkish descent who live and work in Antigua. Turkish businesses are active in the tourism sector, as well as other sectors. The Turkish Cultural Association of Antigua (TCAA) is a very active group that promotes Turkish culture among the Antiguan community. There is also a small but vibrant Turkish community in Barbuda. Turkey Visa for Armenian Citizens

The TCAA hosts an annual cultural festival called “Turkish Festival of Antigua” that attracts participants from all over the Eastern Caribbean. Many Turks also participate in the annual St. John’s Carnival celebration where they display their skills as dancers, musicians, and artists.

Requirements for a Turkey Visa

If you are a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, you can apply for a tourist visa to visit Turkey. The following requirements must be met in order to be approved for a Turkish visa:

-You must have a valid passport that is valid for at least six months after your planned departure from Turkey.

-You must have a return ticket or proof of funds sufficient to cover your expenses while in Turkey.

-You must have proof of adequate health insurance coverage while in Turkey.

-You must present a valid visa application form and all required documentation at the Turkish embassy or consulate nearest to your residence.

Armenian Citizens in Turkey

There are over 1.5 million Armenians living in Turkey, making up the largest Armenian diaspora in the world. This large community has contributed a great deal to Turkish society, culture and economy through their skills, businesses and philanthropy.

The Armenian community in Turkey enjoys full rights and protections under Turkish law and is protected against discrimination.

Armenian citizens in Turkey can visit Antigua Barbuda visa-free for up to 90 days. For more information on how to obtain a visa for Antigua Barbuda, please see the Turks and Caicos Islands Department of Immigration website or contact their office directly.

Requirements for a Visa to Armenia

  1. Valid passport with at least six months remaining validity
  2. Photocopy of the passport’s page containing the visa application information
  3. Proof of hotel reservation in Armenia for at least four nights
  4. Flight ticket to Armenia (round trip is not required)
  5. Payment of visa fees
  6. Letter of invitation from an Armenian institution or individual

If you are a citizen of Antigua Barbuda and you want to visit Armenia, there are some requirements that you must meet before traveling. You will need a valid passport, a photocopy of the passport’s visa application page, proof of hotel reservation in Armenia for at least four nights, a flight ticket to Armenia (round trip is not required), and payment of visa fees. You will also need a letter of invitation from an Armenian institution or individual.


If you are a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, and wish to visit Turkey, you will need to obtain a visa. The process is relatively easy and can be completed in just a few short steps. While there are limited tourist visas available each month, the best way to ensure that you are able to obtain one is by applying well in advance. Additionally, make sure that all the proper documentation is ready and waiting for your visa application, as it can take up to four weeks for your request to be processed. Don’t wait until the last minute!


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