7 Tourist Places in Indonesia Worth Visiting for Nature Lovers

If your everyday routine involves looking at multiple devices and being trapped in traffic, it’s time for a vacation. Moreover, a nature vacation might be an appealing option when you’re seeking a way to escape the furious pace of urban life. Indonesia is great since it offers a variety of wild and lavish activities and breathtaking scenery. Moreover, abundant tourist places in Indonesia provide magnificent landscapes and various entertaining activities.

On your bucket list, you can appreciate the rich natural beauty in these areas if you’re planning a trip to Indonesia shortly, including these best places in Bali, Indonesia. The finest islands and highlands of Indonesia await your adventuring spirit! Choose your favorite spots and go on a trip of a lifetime! With the Singapore Bali packages, explore the best of Bali with Roaming Routes.

Seven Famous Tourist Places In Indonesia That Are Worth Visiting

If you are considering “Is Indonesia worth visiting?” then consider this list of tourist destinations and decide.

1. Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat, which translates to “Four Kings,” is an archipelago comprising over 1,500 islands, including Waigeo, Salawati, Misool, and Batanta. Moreover, the awe-inspiring background of steep, wooded islands, hot beaches, swampy lagoons, little atolls like mushrooms, and gleaming blue ocean make the location an ideal tourist destination. One of the most popular tourist places in Indonesia is abundant in marine fauna and flora diversity, including unique coral species. No ATMs are available on this island. Ensure that you have sufficient funds to remain on the island.

2. Borobudur Temple

The world’s largest Buddhist sanctuary is a must-visit not just for its religious significance, but also because of its charm. So this temple, constructed about the eighth century, reflects the lengthy and complex national history by integrating religion, culture, and building. Visitors may view the intricate and captivating stone carvings, admire the magnificent main building, and take in the surrounding landscape.

3.Kelimutu Lake, Nusa Tenggara Timur

Kelimutu Lake is a step above all other tourist attractions in Indonesia – Jakarta and is among the most traveled beautiful sites in Indonesia. Kelimutu is the aggregate term for the three crater lakes created by the same-named volcano. Although three lakes are located within the same volcanic mountain, their hues are red, blue, and white. The crater lakes are must-see tourist attractions in Indonesia and are among the top tourist places in Indonesia for the adventurous in you.

Only walking is permissible around Lake Kelimutu, but not all sections are explorable since some are unsafe and forbidden.

4. Komodo National Park

Mighty and mysterious, the Komodo dragon may be the most enthralling creature on the planet, yet it is only found in the wilderness in Komodo National Park. So the reserves comprise a succession of unusual islands, none of which are devoid of noteworthy features. Further, the three islands (Komodo, Padar, and Rinca) boast magnificent hills, a glimpse of the beach, a gorgeous shoreline, lush tropical hills, and rich marine life. Komodo Island is home to the renowned pink sand beach, whereas Padar Island is home to an iconic peak that overlooks three lovely bays. So this is one of the best tourist places in Indonesia.

5. Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo, also known as Gunung Bromo, is among the popular tourist places in Indonesia; it is an active volcano. A crater near the summit of the Bromo develops and periodically spews forth white smoke. Mount Bromo, a component of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, is surrounded by volcanic sand.

Being an active volcano, Mount Bromo is safe to visit. Since the national park keeps an eye on the volcano’s movement, you won’t be able to visit if it gets too high, etc. So don’t be concerned; going there is safe.

6. Tanjung Puting National Park

There’s more to the unique Southeast Asian nation of Indonesia than just its beautiful tropical rainforest and quaint communities. So to explore this, visit Tanjung Putting National Park, one of the top tourist places in Indonesia that houses lovely orangutans. This place is a must-visit on the list of great locations in Indonesia.

7. Derawan Islands

Six islands make up the archipelago of the Derawan Islands, which is one of the top tourist destinations in Indonesia for those seeking a tranquil haven. These islands provide a wide choice of experiences and breathtaking scenery. Among Indonesia’s most stunning islands are the Derawan Islands. Further, this island paradise is among Indonesia’s hidden gems and offers travelers a good reason to go there. From the magnificent sea caves to the opulent resorts and lakes, this is among the best tourist places in Indonesia.


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