Top Ten Promotion Checklist for Business Success

Business slow? Promotion efforts for your coaching practice or other service business not working as well as you hoped?

We don’t know what we don’t know. With just an addition or two of proven marketing/promotion techniques, you can uplevel your business for its fullest success. Put a check next to the methods you haven’t done or that may be incomplete.

Ten Promotion How-to’s Checklist

1. Know your “defining statement” to attract new clients verbally and through email. Clients don’t buy degrees or titles, they want to know what’s in it for them.

2. Place a soft-sales, powerful signature file or files at the bottom of each email you send. Do you change your sig file for different promotional purposes so you catapult visitors to your Web site?

3. Know the difference between benefits and features in your promotion copy. Knowing that benefits sell and features explain to make your communications stronger to attract your ideal client.

4. Create a sales letter for each service or product you want to sell. Like teeth you floss, you write a sales letter for the clients you want to attract and keep.

5. Enroll new clients from the platform. Getting yourself out is one thing, but knowing inside-speaking secrets to get people to sign up for your seminars or coaching is another.

6. Write and submit short articles to other people’s ezines to build your own email list and share the word that you’re the savvy expert in your field. The #One fast and easy Online promotion, publicizing, and marketing technique. This one will send flocks of targeted visitors each day to your Web site.

7. Create and send your own ezine that fulfills your staying in touch with potential clients to gain their trust. Most will buy after seven or so exposures because they want what you offer.

8. Write a short print or eBook to brand your business and attract new clients. Make yourself known as the savvy expert in your field.

9. Exchange your rough drafts of promotion materials and talk with a group of similar interest professionals before you give them to the world. Simple mistakes cost you time, money, and reputation.

10. Practice Three High-Level Activities (HLA) each day
to get your business to the top. When you make “you” one of your top three priorities, you will love your audience’s participation in your business.

Take action on any of these marketing/promotion ideas to uplevel your business. Contact a coach who knows promotion and practices these publicity ideas for an abundance of clients each month.


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