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The latest hunting game news in Thailand has focused on the dangers associated with the sport. A wealthy businessman, Premchai has lost his life due to his passion for hunting. But despite his troubles, the Thai government is doing all it can to make hunting safer. Read on for some tips on how to stay safe while hunting in Thailand.

Premchai’s life as a wealthy businessman has been ruined by his passion for hunting

Premchai Karnasuta’s life as a successful 8xbet businessman was ruined by his passion for hunting. He was sentenced to two years and 14 months in jail for killing two black panthers and one lion. He has apologised and will serve his sentence. In addition, his driver and hunter will serve three and seven months of their prison sentences respectively. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWFN) said that Premchai’s conviction was a “victory for wildlife and the rule of law.”

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The incident occurred in February 2018 when Premchai and his friends were arrested near the carcasses of some protected species. Park rangers found the hunters’ guns and animal carcasses, including those of a black panther. The leopard’s meat was later butchered and served to the group as soup. Premchai and his friends were found guilty of poaching and have been sentenced to prison.

Premchai’s conviction as a poacher has shocked Thailand

The former president of Thailand’s largest construction company was convicted in a criminal court of hunting a critically endangered black leopard. His conviction has sparked a public outcry over the impunity of the rich and powerful in Thailand. He is the head of Italian-Thai Development, the company that helped build Suvarnabhumi airport and the Skytrain rail link. The case has caused outrage in Thailand and has been followed closely by the media. A conviction for poaching is extremely rare, even for prominent individuals.

In 1981, Premchai and his sister Nijaporn

Charanachitta were listed among the country’s richest men until April 1, 1981. However, they have since fallen out of the top 50 list. The coup occurred while Premchai was visiting Indonesia. It is believed that his company, Italian-Thai, is suffering as a result of the government delays.

Thungyai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary

A construction tycoon is in trouble after he was found guilty of hunting inside Thailand’s Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary. His conviction included the possession of a black leopard carcass. The World Wide Fund for Nature called the case a victory for wildlife and the rule of law.

The sanctuary is situated near the western national boundary of Thailand and Burma, in the southern part of the Dawna Range. It stretches from Sangkhla Buri District in Kanchanaburi Province to Umphang District in Tak Province. The sanctuary protects an area of about 223 km2.

The Thungyai Naresuang Wildlife Sanctuary

Protected by law and hunting is banned within the sanctuary. There are strict rules that must be followed in the sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to several species of animals, including elephants.

Wildlife found in the sanctuary is highly diverse, with many species found nowhere else. Some of the species are endangered and rare. The biodiversity of the ecosystem makes the sanctuary a valuable conservation area. Various types of non-invasive methods are used to assess the status of the wildlife and protect the natural environment.

The management of the property is based on the National Wildlife Conservation Master Plan. The governing body enforces the law and invests in improving the protection of the property. Furthermore, public support has helped increase the management abilities of the sanctuary.

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