The Importance of the Follow Up Letter

Something we talk about consistently with our coaching students is the importance of the follow up letter. However, the follow up letter is not limited to those who are operating a lease purchase business. Whatever type of business you are operating, after speaking with a potential client you should be sending some type of follow up correspondence. It could be a letter, a post card, or in some instances an email.

I can’t count the number of deals we have gotten from a follow up letter we sent. The longest time to go by before hearing from a seller was 14 months, but we did hear from them. Why, because I sent a follow up letter and included my business card in that letter. Now with lease purchasing and the card we use, we offer an incentive to sellers to call. Our card has a very memorable tag line, it makes people want to call us! So, you want to be sure your business card distinguishes you from all the rest. Think about it, how many of you have visited open houses and seen the plethora of business cards from real estate agents sitting on a countertop and table? Nothing on those cards distinguishes one from the other.

Some of you have asked, how do I get their address? Ask for it, and I don’t mean at the end of the conversation, because many times they won’t give it to you. For those of us in lease purchasing, it is easy because our callers have to tell us their address in order for us to go and take a look at the property.

For those of you running other types of businesses, you will need to take a long hard look at your telephone script and see how you can modify it to incorporate the address as part of your script. Offer something so appealing they are asking you if you want their address so you can send them something!

For those of you that this won’t work for, tell them about your website, or that you would like to send them some special web only offers and see if you can get their address that way.

If all of these fail, invest in a cross-checking service, where with your prospect’s telephone number, you can also gain access to their address!


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