The highly individual shaped pedal Italjet Dragster

Italjet motorcycle brand is still relatively new to us, founded in 1959, and located in Bologna, Italy, and whether in Italy, or in Europe, or even the world, Italjet is only a niche brand existence. In addition to two-wheeled crossovers and scooters, Italjet‘s products also involve four-wheeled racing bikes, small off-road bikes, power bikes, children’s bikes, snowmobiles, and other fields.

All product designs are highly individual and unusual, you can always find a unique design for each car. However, this brand has a car that I believe many people have paid attention to, which is this very sci-fi style alien pedal ITALJET Dragster.

The car was unveiled at the 2019 Milan International Motor Show and was also registered in the domestic Ministry of Industry and Information Technology catalog at the end of last year. The biggest highlight of the Dragster is the exposed steel tube frame and the extremely unique SIS front independent suspension, such a unique design makes many people think that such a car can not be produced.

This car, many people should have a problem, the naked body of the car will be quite troublesome to wash it. And the unique suspension structure in terms of cost compared to the traditional structure, is certainly a lot higher, bringing the vehicle characteristics also different, I do not know how much the official release price will be.

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