The Future RCFE License Criteria

What’s new in the world of residential care facilities for the elderly licensing? Well, after the coronavirus just about everything is new. Our industry is rapidly changing, and many will not be able to keep up. It’s important to stay up on these changes, and there is an opportunity for those industry participants who can. Those who fall behind will not be in business in the next year.

What will these new changes be? Well, that’s just the thing, no one knows yet, but everyone is talking about it from the media to the California Legislature, from the nurses to the residents, and from the industry consultants to the operators. Change is coming, and it is coming fast. Are you ready for it yet?

We see in the media people asking questions; How could this have happened? Why did so many people die who were in residential care facilities? Whose fault is it? Will there be lawsuits? Why weren’t better safety measures and safety protocols in place to protect residents? Families of deceased elderly residents also want answers. Why did my family member have to die? These are tough questions indeed.

As the industry works with the State of California health professional authorities there will be new plans, procedures, and protocols put into practice. Some will become the industry’s best management practices, others will become regulatory mandates, but all will become standard practice to save lives and prevent this from ever happening again.

In the near future, all these new ways to prevent the spread of a virus pandemic will come to fruition, and these new concepts, ideas, and theories will be set into motion. These new ways of dealing with such a terrible problem will be reflected in the new State of California Residential Care Facility for the Elderly Licenses that are issued. These new requirements might seem onerous and difficult to comply with at first, but they will be in place for a reason; to save lives.

How long will all this take you to ask? Well, it will happen sooner than later merely because we don’t know if this coronavirus has seasonal characteristics like the flu, meaning it could be back with a vengeance come fall and winter.

Authorities in California will not want to get caught flat-footed again, so you can bet that this is a top priority, especially since a large percentage of the Covid-19 deaths were those with comorbidities and over 75-years old – many of which were in residential care facilities when they got the coronavirus.

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