The Cost of Data Loss

There are many unfortunate circumstances that can befall your company’s information technology systems. From hardware failures to property theft, there are many pitfalls that await your technology investment, but what is the most precious asset your company has in its portfolio?

No matter what happens to your company’s hardware investment it can always be replaced. Regardless of theft, damage, or complete destruction of hard drives, motherboards, or entire computers, you can always “buy a new one”, but what about your data? What safeguards can you put in place for your critical data and intellectual property? The solution is offsite/online secure data backup.

By securing and backing up your data using an online backup system today you can potentially save yourself hundreds or thousands of hours of productivity and man-hours that have been spent generating your most critical data.

Regardless of whether you are an individual, a small company, or a huge corporation, there are online secure data backup solutions out there that are perfectly tailored to your individual needs. You may need to back up a short order of 20 megabytes of financial data a day, or perhaps you need to ensure the integrity of a 2 gigabyte SQL database once a month. No matter how small or large the dataset, you will definitely benefit from the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business’s important data is backed up and available to you for immediate access whenever you need it.

The first time you need to restore your data due to a system failure beyond your control you will recognize the value and convenience that is represented by employing the use of an offsite data backup service.

The cost of data loss can be huge. In fact, 20 megabytes of accounting data takes 21 days and costs $19,000 to reproduce. Among companies who lose data in a disaster, 50% never re-open and 90% are out of business within two years!

If you or your company needs to ensure access to your data for many years to come, without the need for an initial hardware investment that comes along with typical backup solutions, you should look into securing the services of an online secure backup provider.


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