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What is Duvetyne? Read on to discover more about this fabric, its uses, and price. Read on to find out what makes duvetyne so versatile. Duvetyne has a velvet-like nap on one side that makes it a great backdrop for photography. Its matte finish also allows you to take your subject’s face without distracting from the background. Duvetyne is used by many filmmakers to create backdrops for their films and photos.


The most prominent use of duvetyne is in film. This black fabric is a popular choice for many film productions. Duvetyne’s unique properties make it perfect for masking and directing light in a variety of applications. Its versatility means that duvetyne can be used for many purposes, including stage curtains, backdrops, loft dividers, and curtains.

Another great use for duvetyne is in theaters and film productions. Known as “commando cloth” in the East, duvetyne is a durable fabric that blocks out light. It’s also durable enough to be machine washed and is perfect for blocking unwanted objects while filming. You can buy duvetyne in roll sizes, or buy the pieces separately.

Its uses

You may have seen duvetyne in film and television sets, but have you ever wondered what it is used for? Duvetyne is a black material that is typically used for curtains or as stage skirting. Its flame retardant properties make it a popular choice for this purpose, as it will burn, but not as quickly as other materials. The material’s versatility allows it to be used for a variety of purposes, from blocking light to draping lamps and lights.

Duvetyne is a lightweight alternative to Commando. It’s durable and features a felt-like finish. It’s also used for film and theater masking and for controlling light spills. This fabric comes in rolls that measure approximately 56 inches wide by 55 yards long. Because it is made from polyester, Duvetyne can be machine washed. Its durability and ease of cleaning make it a favorite for home furnishings.

Its price

For the price of a king-sized comforter, Duvetyne is worth the money. The material is fire retardant, and it’s great for absorbing light. It is also available in six colors. The extra-wide lightweight variety is the most affordable option for fire masking, as it’s both lightweight and sound transparent. If you need to purchase multiple rolls of this fabric, you can fold the fabric to ship it via UPS. Full rolls of the fabric ship via LTL freight, which means you can reduce your shipping costs.

A 100% cotton Duvetyne Roll is 57 inches wide by five yards long. It is used for blocking light and simulating outer space, as well as for creating a light-to-dark ratio on flat days. It is easily cut and meets NFPA 701 fire-retardant standards. If you’re interested in purchasing a Duvetyne Roll, be sure to read the manufacturer’s warranty policy and ask for a sample.

Its texture

Blackout fabric, also known as Duvetyne, is a common choice for drapery. It’s also ideal for interior applications such as stage production. It’s fireproof and dyed black with a boucle-like texture. While blackout cloth is opaque, Duvetyne is a little more transparent. It’s also not as opaque as Commando blackout cloth, which is made of similar-sized loops.

If you’re in Europe, it’s important to note that color reproduction may vary slightly from the actual product due to standard dye-lot variations and computer screen settings. Because of this, it’s a good idea to order a sample of a fabric before making a decision based on color alone. It’s also important to note that fabric cannot be returned once it’s cut.

Its pattern

Duvetyne is a type of cotton twill with a velvet nap on one side. It has a matte appearance and good opacity, which is why it is commonly used for curtains in the film industry. Duvetyne blocks light, but allows for excellent breathability. The pattern is also durable enough to be used on curtains or as lining for furniture. You can purchase black duvetyne by the roll at BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters.

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