Strategies To Source Products From China During The Covid-19 Pandemic

In the year 2020, the whole globe was shut down by the coronavirus virus. The restrictions affected the cultural, social as well as the political and economic lives of all countries across the world. So, China is not allowing foreign clients to visit China for business reasons. This means that you could face issues importing products from China. Here, we’re going to assist you in importing products from China by sourcing agents. We’ll help you learn more.

If you’re looking to avoid common mistakes when importing goods from Chinese suppliers, like Made in China and Alibaba We recommend that you follow the steps below for purchasing products.

Contact us

In the beginning, you’ll need to contact us via email with a details of the products you’re looking for, along with ideas for design concepts.

Electronic catalogs

We’ll provide electronic catalogs to assist you in choosing from a variety of providers.


We will guide you through the whole process. Additionally, we can join a group in which you can speak to the supplier directly.


Prior to you complete your order and click the submit button we’ll help you verify the materials size, shape, and color of the product.

Confirmation information

We will send you order confirmation information via email. This means that you will receive complete information about the product directly in your inbox. The goal is to ensure that you have assurance of peace of mind.


Once the goods are at our warehouse, we will provide you with an evaluation of the quality. We will also take care of be able to address any quality issues that product may be experiencing. Then, we’ll get the items delivered to you.


We can assist you with sending your balance to the vendor. You can also make the payment directly to the supplier. Your choice is up to you.

In addition, we’ll provide loading containers to you. This means that you don’t have to fret about shipping or delivery since everything is delivered on time.

After-sales services are also part of our service.

MoreFar Global offers top-notch after-sales services. The types of services we provide include:

Assist you in sourcing items directly from Guangzhou Expo, Guangzhou wholesale markets, and other vendors in China

  • here to help by providing catalogs
  • provide QC reports or high-quality inspections
  • offer shopping advice
  • able to assist in negotiations with sellers.
  • organize warehousing for you
  • offer the possibility of consolidating shipping
  • provide discounted shipping solutions
  • provide support after sales and other services.

You can rely on Morefar Global and source products from wholesale market in China. We have a group of experts to assist you in every step of the procedure. Therefore, contact us for help in boosting your business.

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