Sneaky Tips to Keep in Mind While Wearing Sneakers- For Their Longer Life

Tips to Keep in Mind While Wearing Sneakers

Whether you own one or a dozen pairs of sneakers- one thing is sure, we all take our sneakers for granted! What do we do to maintain our sneakers except clean them when they get dirty (and we are lazy enough to dump them in the washing machine). But when Bata sneakers do so much to protect our feet, we must also take care of our sneakers. Do not worry! They are not as demanding as your formals that they need every day polish but ask for the bare minimum gestures that we have enlisted below. Care For Your Sneakers Since Day 1: We have always heard- prevention is better than cure. The worst enemies of sneakers are those wrinkles and shoe “bruises” that hamper their look. The best way to prevent that is to spray a shoe protector on them as soon as you buy and keep spraying it as and when required. This prevents wrinkles and also protects your sneakers from moisture-related damage. Newspapers Can Be Quite Handy: Newspapers help to deal with a lot of sneaky sneaker problems that all of us come across. For example, suppose you are an athletic individual involved in strenuous activity that involves a lot of twisting and bending of sneakers. In that case, you may notice wrinkles even after spraying them with a shoe protector. In this case, you can stuff up your sneakers with newspaper balls overnight and make them fresh as new again! Also, if you accidentally splashed your foot(with the sneakers on in a puddle of water) and got the sneakers, do the same thing! The newspaper will soak up the water quickly and prevent damage to the sole. Store Them In the Right Place This is important, and sneaker-owners mostly overlook this point completely. If placed in a dark, air-tight space, Sneakers will- firstly make them smelly and, secondly, promote the growth of bacteria and fungus. Keep them in a well-ventilated spot, and if you can show them the sun once a week, there is nothing like it! Wash Them Cautiously Many sneakers allow a machine wash without the risk of any damage. If you are choosing machine wash, make sure to remove the laces completely and wash them separately. If the sneakers are soiled, pre-treat them by giving them a quick wash under running water to save your washing machine. Though machine wash works, it is better to sit down with a toothbrush and detergent solution and get rid of all those stubborn spots! Know When It Is Time For Your Sneakers To Retire No matter how durable, expensive, and dear to you your sneakers are, there will be a time when the traction will start to fade away, and the stitches will begin to loosen, and they won’t have the same energy and feel as they did initially. It is then when you should let the sneakers retire. If you wear sneakers for a casual purpose, you can push them a bit longer since the suspension and traction do not make a great difference when casually walking on the road or hanging out with your friends in a café. But if you use your sneakers for athletic purposes, be careful if your sneakers start to wear out. Look at the Bright Side. Worn-out sneakers mean you have had a great time with them, and now you have more space for a new pair. Bata will never disappoint you if you are looking for the same (or better) level of comfort than you already had. You can walk into the nearest Bata store, pick a fresh new pair of sneakers for yourself, and reap the benefits of its brand-new energy and design. Just following these simple steps will not only help you get the best out of your favorites Bata sneakers but will also ensure that your foot stays safe and comfortable.  

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