Simple Hen Party Icebreaker Games

The best way to start the party and get all the girls laughing and chatting and having fun together is with ice breaker hen party games. As the hen will have invited a variety of people from her family, work, and friend circles, there is a good chance that not everyone will have met before at a hen party. Therefore, it’s great to have a variety of free hen party ice breaker games to help everyone get to know one another a little better! Here, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite hen party icebreaker games.

Laughable Hen Stories


A hen party games is an evening of laughter and joy where the hen surrounds herself with her closest friends. The girls have many amusing tales to share about the hen because they are so familiar with her. Have each player prepare a humorous or embarrassing tale about the hen for this game before folding it and placing it in a hat. The hen must then choose a piece of paper at a time, speculate as to who she believes penned the story, and then recount it in full to each female. This is a fantastic approach to find out how well-known the hen is and what amusing interactions she has had with others in the past.

Unacceptable Phrases


This game is amusing and easy to play. The girls should settle on a list of terms or expressions that are prohibited before the evening begins. For instance, “wedding” and “bride” are the groom’s names. These words are forbidden to use during the entire evening, and should someone slip up and mention one of them, a dare or a drink must be accepted!

Carry-On Game


To introduce everyone to one another at the beginning of the hen party games, this is the ideal icebreaker. Each girl should remove two or three items from her handbag and place them in a different bag or out to the side. The hen must next examine the various goods and determine which belongs to which girl. If she guesses poorly, have the hen execute a task or sip from her cup to make it even more entertaining!

Never Before


When a group of raucous hens play this classic getting to know you game, the results may be hilarious! Someone begins by saying something truthful about themselves that begins with the word “never,” such as “I’ve never forgotten someone’s name while snogging them.” Anyone present who HAS already done this must take a sip from their beverage. Each female takes it in turns to think of something, and then they check to see who has done what by looking around the room. By the end of the game, you will be quite familiar with one another!


The upcoming bride shouldn’t have to worry about the location or party venue during the hen night. You should be required to select the appropriate party location that you believe can accommodate all of your attendees. Selecting the ideal location is crucial because it will serve as the site for your party’s entire schedule. You should also arrange some of the hen games in order to make your party lively and exciting. Your hen night would be full of laughing and joy if you included games in your hen party.


The following are some suggestions for hen games you might plan for your hen nights:


Before the celebration, pose the same questions to both the bride and the groom. In particular, focus on the groom’s upcoming wife. Ask the soon-to-be bride the same questions throughout the party night; if they both had the same responses, it would be a hilarious and entertaining game. Everyone would laugh out loud if you asked them any kind of wicked or silly questions, in particular.


Trying To Find Mr


Each female should put down on paper a “kind” of man before leaving for the evening, such as “fireman,” “fitness enthusiast,” or “still living at home.” After that, combine every slip into a hat. Before the night is finished, each female must identify her “type” of man and introduce him to the group; otherwise, they will face a challenge!


Final Thought


One of the most anticipated events for soon-to-be brides, aside from the wedding, is their hen party night. The celebration takes place right before the wedding. The upcoming bride is being honored because it will be her last occasion to be single. The majority of the time, the bride’s family, close friends, and relatives choose who she wants to attend her wedding. You must make advance plans if you are one of the soon-to-be brides and want to make your party truly spectacular and memorable. When you are planning to host unique events, like the hen party, planning is crucial.

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