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23 Clear Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking of You (And How To Identify Them Properly)

by Josephine Fuller
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Have you ever met someone you’re inexplicably drawn to, even if you just met or have known each other for a little while? They’re most likely your soulmate, and that is your bond calling out to you. Don’t worry if you haven’t met them yet, because you will definitely feel it if they’re thinking of you. This article will give you a comprehensive overview of 23 Clear Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking of You.

So, what are the signs your soulmate is thinking of you? They appear in your dreams often, you constantly smile or feel intense emotions, you experience a bout of creativity or enlightenment, you notice coincidences and synchronicities happen, and more!

If you want to know more about how these signify that your soulmate is out there thinking of you, read this article for in-depth details!

Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking of You

When you know your soulmate is thinking of you, you will definitely be rewarded with a deep sense of fulfillment because it’s also a way of acknowledging that you accept your bond.

So, without further ado, here are 23 signs that your soulmate constantly has you in their thoughts:

1. You Dream About Them Often

Dreams maybe just a long reel of random images or scenes that have nothing to do with reality, but they may also harbor messages that reflect your real life or whatever you’re currently experiencing right now.

If you see someone in your dream that you feel is incredibly familiar to you, even if you haven’t seen their face before, there’s a high possibility that they might be your soulmate.

You’re unaware of your soulmate when you’re awake and fully conscious. But when they become a regular appearance in your dreams, it’s a surefire way of saying they’re thinking about you and that they’re unconsciously reaching out to you.

2. You Find Yourself Constantly Smiling

For no particular reason at all, you find yourself smiling from ear to ear or laughing every now and then. There’s a spring in your step and an overall improvement in your mood—and that’s because your soulmate is thinking about you in those instances.

Despite not knowing where these came from or even when things don’t go your way, you still smile anyway. If this is the case, it’s a clear sign that your soulmate is sending you good vibes and positive energy.

Additionally, if you simply have a deep sense that someone out there is positively thinking of you, there is a high chance that you will unknowingly adopt this positive mindset, too. That’s the power of soulmates for you!

3. You Suddenly Feel Intense Emotions

This can be a sudden wave of love, longing, happiness, frustration, sadness, or other emotions that you feel deeply and intensely within yourself. You can experience mood swings that even you don’t understand.

You feel all this because you and your soulmate are connected on an emotional level, whether you know them or not. You can feel their emotions and feelings like they’re your own.

It’s also possible that you’re unconsciously finding a soulmate connection, which can be an overwhelming experience for some. You may feel like you’re missing someone, even while you’re still getting to know them. You may even feel emotions that you simply can’t explain or haven’t experienced before.

4. You Become More Inspired

Suppose you feel a great surge of creativity and inspiration, or you’re suddenly motivated to achieve your goals. In that case, it might be another sign that your soulmate is sending you positivity while thinking of you.

This can mean things such as trying out new hobbies, heading to the gym, going on that long-planned trip with your friends, opening a savings account, and more. Whatever it is, you have this drive to do and become better.  

Your soulmate is trying to help you out unknowingly, so it’s high time for you to think of what you can do. Moreover, this is the universe’s way of urging you that you’re going to meet your soulmate soon, so you have to present to them the best version of yourself.

5. You Feel A Deep Sense of Connection

Another one of the signs your soulmate is thinking of you is if you harbor strong feelings towards someone you’ve actually never met in your life, or you’re meeting them for the first time; there is a likely chance that they are your soulmate.

After realizing this sense of connection, your soul brings it with you everywhere. It may feel like there’s a tugging feeling deep inside you that you can’t explain. This may be translated as an energy transfer happening from your soulmate, who’s thinking of you, towards you.

6. You Hear Their Voice in Your Head, or You Still Feel Their Touch

If you have recently met your soulmate, even without you knowing it, it’s possible that you may hear their voice in your head. It can be anyone you’ve met, even someone you’ve stood behind in a line at a grocery store. Don’t be alarmed if it’s unrecognizable at first; that just means you haven’t noticed meeting them.

Additionally, if you have had skin-to-skin contact with your soulmate, you can feel their touch lingering even after some time has passed by. These signs all point to the fact that your soulmate is thinking of you the way you are, too. You’re definitely lingering in their thoughts as well.

Here are other similar feelings you can experience:

  • Hearing their laughter even in a crowded room
  • Feeling like there’s someone embracing you
  • Smelling a familiar fragrance or scent

7. You Experience Some Physical Changes

When I talk about “physical changes,” I’m referring to sudden hiccups, goosebumps, chills, eye twitches, shivers, or even sneezing. This may not be the most noticeable sign since these occurrences can happen normally to your body, but consider if they keep happening lately more than usual.

Our bodies are quite receptive to changes in our energy fields. As such, experiencing those, as mentioned earlier, can be taken as a sign that your soulmate is thinking or remembering you, especially if they happen for no reason.

Additionally, this sign is also based on cultural beliefs. For example, Asian cultures believe that sneezing three times in a row is an indication that someone out there is thinking of you.

signs your soulmate is thinking of you

8. You Get Enlightened About Your Past Relationships

It’s normal to have some leftover feelings of heartbreak, guilt, or sadness after breakups or every heartbreak from past lovers (and almost lovers!). If you feel like that burden has suddenly been lifted from you and you see these past relationships in a different light, it may seem like you’ve found your soulmate.

Additionally, it’s also likely that your soulmate is somewhere out there feeling the same way about their past relationships. This is a sign that you’re both unconsciously in each other’s minds, and if you haven’t met each other yet, then you’re about to!

In other words, this is the universe’s way of telling you to move on from the past and start looking toward your future, towards the person who’s meant to be for you.

9. You Feel The Need to Be Closer to Them

Whether you’ve met your soulmate but you didn’t know, or you’re very much aware, or you’re about to meet them—whichever way it is, you will be feeling an unexplainable urge to be physically closer to this person.

You want to spend every waking moment you have possible with your soulmate, and that becomes an uncontrollable feeling. You get frustrated that you’re apart or that you don’t have time for each other. They fill your thoughts as you wake up and right before you sleep.

This is your soulmate’s way of reaching out to you and letting you know that you’re in their thoughts as much as they’re in yours.

10. You Get Surrounded By Love and Positive Energy

As with the law of attraction, love calls to love. Your soulmate may be projecting their feelings of unreciprocated love and positivity towards your connection with each other. This manifests in your environment as you see love everywhere.

You may suddenly see couples strolling and displaying their affection by holding hands, kissing, or just leaning into one another. Not only this, but you may also see groups of friends laughing and sharing stories merrily.

This is a sign that your soulmate is thinking about you, so the universe ensures you know it by showing love everywhere around you.

11. You Notice Coincidences Happening

Sometimes, the universe would let you know you have found the one. This can manifest in strange coincidences or mysterious synchronicities that align suitably with your soulmate, such that it almost seems as if there’s a large arrow sign pointing toward them.

This can either be one or a combination of the following:

  • Life events that occur within the same timeframe
  • Birth details (including zodiac signs, birth charts, etc.)
  • Parallel or similar dreams
  • Mirrored moods
  • Identical handwriting
  • Powerful sense of déjà vu
  • Shared interests
  • Repeating symbols, patterns, or numbers

You may think that these are just mundane, but they are actually quite unconventional indicators that point you toward your soulmate. They’re likely thinking of you during these times, too.

signs your soulmate is thinking of you

12. You Receive A Text or Call From Them

This is the most obvious sign that your soulmate is thinking of you, and this is the easiest to spot if you’ve already identified them. If you haven’t yet, notice who sends you small, thoughtful gestures such as texting you good morning.

They may also text or call to tell you one or more of the following:

  • This reminded me of you today
  • You’ve been in my thoughts recently
  • I’m here whenever you need me
  • Hoping you are well / Hoping you have a great day

If they consistently ask you how you’re doing or care a lot about your welfare, texts or calls are their subtle way of telling you that they’re thinking of you.

13. You See Angel Numbers

This can only make sense to those who believe in the mystique of the universe. Repeating numbers such as 1111, 555, and 777 may just be mere sequences to some, but they have deeper meanings than we realize.

Pay close attention to your surroundings and see for any clues of these angel numbers popping up. If they do, chances are, your soulmate may be thinking of you and possibly manifesting your existence in their lives as well.

Here are some significant sequences to look out for and what they could mean about your soulmate:

  • Angel Number 1111: You’re about to connect with your twin flame (also known as soulmate!)
  • Angel Number 411: An indication that platonic soulmate love is just nearby
  • Angel Number 000: Opportunities are coming your way that allow you to start new relationships and let the past go
  • Angel Number 77: A number that urges you to find your soulmate instead of letting them find you

14. You Keep Seeing Their Face

Whether you know your soulmate’s face or not, if you keep seeing the same face or even certain features such as the color of their eyes, the shape of their lips, or even their haircut in anything or anyone you encounter, there’s a big chance that this is a part of the signs your soulmate is thinking of you.

You can tell that these strangers that you encounter are not your soulmates because you don’t sense any special connection towards them. However, there may be a vague feeling of familiarity as you see your soulmate’s face or facial features on them.

Furthermore, this is also your soulmate’s way of silently communicating that their soul feels your presence too and wants to meet if only it were possible.

15. You Encounter A White Feather

Although white feathers may also mean a lot of other things, they generally represent your spiritual connections. Seeing a white feather may just be a mere coincidence, but if these feathers keep finding their way to you, this is a powerful sign that your soulmate is thinking of you.

Here are possible meanings of encountering white feathers that are associated with your soulmate connection:

  • A form of encouragement from your soulmate
  • You may be close to finding your soulmate if you haven’t yet
  • It can signify a new, positive change or beginning in your life
  • You’re becoming more spiritually enlightened
  • Your guardian angels are watching over and protecting you
signs your soulmate is thinking of you

16. You Are Drawn To A Particular Song

Music is one of the creative ways for soulmates to use as a means of communication because it is emotive and promotes sincere connection.

As mentioned earlier, hearing a song that you think holds a lot of meaning for you on a particular day may just be one of the little synchronicities that the cosmos gives you. It’s a sign that your soulmate is thinking of you and is unknowingly expressing it through music.

Listen well to the lyrics of the song or the message it’s trying to convey. If it resonates with you deeply, then it’s definitely something your soulmate is sending you through your connection with each other.

17. Your Tarot Reading Confirms It

It is widely known that tarot cards are a source of divination between the real world and the spiritual world. Whether you believe or not, they may be reflections of life or foreshadows of the future. As such, these may also be one of the signs your soulmate is thinking of you.

Usually, before drawing cards during a tarot reading, you would ask the universe a question that you’ve been wanting an answer to. If you ask if your soulmate is thinking of you and the cards you draw are either the two cups, ten cups, or the lovers, then the answer is most likely a resounding yes.

18. You Have Been Visualizing Them

Whether you see them in your dreams or in your visions of the future, if you have been visualizing your soulmate (with a clear face or a vague one), then it’s possible that they are also thinking of you in the same depth.

You picture how your life is looking and how you want it to look, then strengthen that belief that you can eventually turn that vision into reality. In these visualizations, you are picking up on a subtle but deep energy bond in your soulmate connection.

Moreover, these visualizations don’t necessarily include images of your soulmate since they could also involve just simple values or traits that come into your mind.

19. You Start Making Sense of Things

The journey to personal growth and development isn’t a straight path. Life is more like a puzzle, with pieces scattered, and it’s up to you to put this all together to generate a clear picture. However, when these pieces click into place, and you suddenly get a eureka moment, it may have something to do with your soulmate.

When your life suddenly starts making more sense to you—for example, you start seeing past events in a new light—these may be a precursor to beginnings, that someone out there is waiting for you to bring them into this new phase of your life.

It can also be interpreted as your soulmate communicating and connecting with you, wanting to deepen your bond with each other.

20. You See A Butterfly

Due to their colorful yet delicate nature, butterflies often have a ton of spiritual and cultural meanings. You can chalk up seeing a butterfly to a mere coincidence, but maybe it isn’t.

This is because butterflies are said to deliver energy between people. If a butterfly lands on you, it may signify that someone is out there thinking about you and wants to send that message.

Additionally, it may not be a butterfly. If you have a significant animal in your life, such as a bird, and you suddenly see them more often, you may be receiving a message from your soulmate.

21. Your Soulmate Comes To See You

If you think you’ve already met your soulmate and they come and see you, it is a surefire way that they were thinking of you and had probably even missed you. This is especially true if it was a surprise, planned or not.

So, if your soulmate has traveled a long way to see you, booked a couple’s trip for the both of you or has prepared you a romantic, candlelit dinner, this is their way of saying that you’re always on their mind and that they care about you a lot.

22. You Visit a Psychic, and They Confirm It

Although the signs I have mentioned above are good indicators of whether your soulmate is genuinely thinking of you, a psychic (a real one at that) can offer you more clarity and unique insights into the situation.

Going to a reputable and genuine psychic will tell you if your soulmate is trying to communicate with you through your bond. Moreover, they may also reveal more about the possibilities and circumstances of your love and life.

So, I suggest that if you have the time to spare, go visit your local psychic and get a reading. Whether you believe them or not, it’s up to you; you’re not bound to lose anything in the process anyway!

23. You Just Feel It In Your Bones

It’s just there. There is no better explanation for one of these signs your soulmate is thinking of you. It’s just plain old but very powerful intuition: you just know that your soulmate is thinking about you; it’s something that comes as second nature.

It may be a loud inner voice or a sixth sense that you’re unaware of. Remember that there are mystical ways of communication between soulmates other than the spoken word. Our souls are more sensitive to these than you think.

As such, if you have this gut feeling, you have either established a soulmate connection with someone, or you’re about to do so. This gives you a tingly feeling deep within you that you can’t fathom, and it’s because somewhere out there, the person you’re destined for has you in their thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you sense that someone is your soulmate?

Often, yes. The most commonly experienced sign is that you feel an instant connection with one another despite only having met. The recognition and the feeling of being inexplicably drawn are there, telling you that the other person is likely your soulmate.

Soulmates exude an energy that both of them can intensely, undeniably, and unmistakably feel. Take note that these connections aren’t necessarily romantic; they can also be purely platonic but just as strong.

2. What are the chances I've met my soulmate?

Statistically speaking, it would be nearly impossible to tell if you’ve truly met your soulmate, given that there are a billion people out there, and you may only be confined to one geographical space. The chances of you finding or having met your soulmate would be 1 in 10,000 people.

Don’t worry, because you will definitely know it the moment you do meet your soulmate. It would be an undeniable connection unlike any other!

3. Do soulmates end up together?

It depends. Soulmate connections can blossom into eternal love, but some may not work out like all other relationships. Although soulmates can touch our lives and influence us very profoundly, life won’t always work the way we want it to.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not you believe in the power of soulmate connections, it is a deeply fulfilling endeavor to know that someone out there is thinking of you to the extent that it manifests in your life physically or spiritually. I hope that I helped you identify signs your soulmate is thinking of you so you can better acknowledge them next time!

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