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15 Undeniable Signs He Will Never Make You His Girlfriend

Know When It’s Just Casual For Him!

by Josephine Fuller
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Navigating the intricacies of modern dating requires a lot of experience and interpersonal socializing skills. You also need to have a good eye to spot the signs he will never make you his girlfriend so you can avoid wasting your time. After all, who would want to invest in someone who doesn’t want to get serious?

So, what are the signs he will never make you his girlfriend? He told you himself he’s not looking for anything serious; he doesn’t want to put a label on your relationship; he avoids being seen with you in public; he doesn’t open up about himself; he’s not interested in getting to know you and more!

To know more about each of these indicators in great detail, read the article further. I will be helping you identify them so that you can be wary next time you seemingly click with someone.

Why Do Some Men Not Want a Serious Relationship?

It may be simply because he just hasn’t found the right one for him yet. He prefers to keep being single instead of staying in meaningless relationships. However, there are other reasons why other men don’t want to get serious with other women:

  • Past trauma.It can be something that stemmed from childhood or a past relationship. These experiences distressed them to the point of becoming reluctant to foster intimate connections. As such, they want to avoid getting into relationships as a means to protect themselves.
  • Societal expectations. Society anticipates a lot of things from men, which may put a damper on their desire for romantic relationships. They may be pressured to put financial security and their careers ahead of everything. Or rather, they have to act all stoic and avoid being vulnerable.
  • No strings attached preference. They may be in the market for just some harmless fun. In other words, they only seek sex or a friends-with-benefits situation, but definitely not a girlfriend. After all, you don’t need to be in a committed relationship to get yourself some.
  • Dating uncertainties. Let’s face it: modern dating is complicated. A lot of men can get lost and fail to navigate the intricacies of today’s dating scene. They don’t know the various factors that make or break relationships or what they’re supposed to look like.

Signs He Will Never Make You His Girlfriend

It’s important to know the signs he will never make you his girlfriend. It helps you save time and know when to move on to your next dating prospect. Life is short to be wasting your efforts and interest on a guy who can’t reciprocate.

Here are some unmistakeable signs to look out for:

1. He Said He’s Not Looking for Anything Serious

This has got to be one of the most blatant signs he will never make you his girlfriend. If he’s specifically told you he’s just here for fun, he’s not looking to settle down with you anytime soon. Don’t delude yourself and misinterpret his intentions when he says it clearly.

You can also ask him beforehand what he wants out of your relationship. If he says commitment isn’t one of them, then he definitely means that. The trouble lies with what you make of it.

If you also just want some harmless fun, I say go for it, especially if you have undeniable chemistry. However, if you’re looking for something serious, I suggest you continue seeking that somewhere else. If you stay despite knowing all these and start expecting, that’s not his fault.

2. You Feel Like There Will Always Be a Distance Between You

Even worse, the more you try closing that distance, the more aloof or flighty he gets. He doesn’t respond to your attempts to get close. Or rather, you can get physically intimate with him, but you can never manage to reach a certain level of emotional intimacy.

He may have an avoidant attachment style and is not comfortable with someone crowding his emotional space. It may also be because he’s simply emotionally unavailable for potential romantic partners. He doesn’t want to connect with you and may not even have plans to.

It’s also possible for him to distance himself even if he likes you. This still doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to be in a relationship with you. He may have some personal struggles and issues that he wants to address first before getting into any relationships.

3. He Doesn’t Want to Put a Label on Your Relationship

He likes you, enjoys spending time with you, and doesn’t want to change things. He probably wants to stay single but still keep you in his vicinity because he’s a red flag like that. The way he sees it, putting a label means limitations, expectations, and saying goodbye to freedom.

Right now, he sees you as someone temporary and even convenient. You provide all the things he needs: attention, intimacy, and companionship. If he sees you as his endgame, he would’ve done something about it already instead of letting you wonder.

It’s best if you establish this with him so you don’t start having more expectations about ending up together. However, make sure you don’t sound like you’re confronting him about it. Instead, just simply ask where he thinks the relationship is heading and let the conversation flow from there.

Signs He Will Never Make You His Girlfriend

4. He Doesn’t Open Up About Himself

You’ve been seeing each other for a while, but he still hasn’t shared anything substantial about himself. Yes, I get it; it takes time to learn how to trust. However, if he just keeps telling you superficial details, it means he doesn’t want to be emotionally vulnerable with you.

As such, this is one of the big signs he will never make you his girlfriend. He isn’t comfortable with you and keeps you at arm’s length, distancing himself when you get too close. This may indicate he’s not ready for a relationship yet, or he has commitment issues.

Moreover, this also indicates that he sees you as a fling—someone to pass the time by. Trust me, a man wouldn’t be vulnerable with a woman until he’s sure she’s the one. So, for now, he only wants you for the benefits that come with a no-strings-attached relationship.

5. You Haven’t Met His Friends or Family

Introducing your partner to your friends and family members means you’re serious about them. You want them to meet the people you love the most in your life. So, if he still hasn’t done so, it’s one of the signs he will never make you his girlfriend.

Another testament to this is if you bring it up in one of your conversations, but he still doesn’t do anything. He clearly has no plans of doing so despite the fact that you’ve been seeing him consistently. You shouldn’t attribute this to his shyness or that he isn’t ready—the right one will always be ready.

6. There Are Other Girls in the Equation

The message should be as clear as day for you: he’s not looking into a relationship, not this time. You can see it in his social media accounts if he goes out with other girls. His phone may always be buzzing because of text or DM notifications.

Additionally, you may still even see his profile on dating apps, indicating he hasn’t closed them yet. You’re not the only one he’s dating, and he’s also having fun doing it. He just wants to explore what life has to offer without settling down anytime soon.

In situations like these, you’re essentially telling him he has some power over you. He knows you’re interested, leads you on, but doesn’t let it go anywhere. He probably also does this to other girls, so if I were you, run for the hills, girl!

7. He Doesn’t Take You to Dates

No, Netflix and Chill aren’t actual dates; let’s be clear on that one. I mean, if he’s only taken you to these types of hangouts, then he’s unmistakably not serious about you. It just indicates you might be his favorite (and if you’re lucky, you’re the only) booty call.

Again, he only sees you for the physical benefits that come with “dating” you; however, he doesn’t see it getting anywhere down the girlfriend route. When it comes to having dates where you get to know each other more on a deeper level, he doesn’t even consider those.

Try initiating a date, even simple ones such as getting dinner, and see if he deflects or outright rejects you. He could also respond by saying he’d rather stay at home and be with you instead. Don’t fall for this trick, ladies; it’s clear he just wants to bang and nothing more substantial.

8. He Doesn’t Make Time For You

It’s also one of the signs he will never make you his girlfriend if he doesn’t fit you in his schedule. No matter how busy someone gets, if they truly like you, they will find the time to be with you. Besides, how much does it take from him to spend even a single day with you?

Remember: this is a sign that he’s not serious about you. If you try asking him to go out with you, he’d probably answer that he’s swamped with life or work responsibilities. And if he keeps giving you excuses every time you ask, he’s evidently not that interested in you.

9. You’re Not Included in His Future Plans

It seems logical: a guy doesn’t talk about his future plans because he doesn’t plan on keeping you that long. Or rather, whenever he talks about the future, he doesn’t include you in them. For example, he’s going on a skiing trip with his friends for the holidays, and he hasn’t invited you.

This doesn’t necessarily translate to talking about having kids or marriage—think six months to one year from now. He just wants to have fun and talk about things in the present tense. Discussions about the future make him want to run for the hills.

It’s also possible that it’s too early for him to talk about these things. However, if you’ve been seeing each other for a year, it qualifies as a red flag. Surely, at this point, he would’ve taken you on planned vacations with friends or family, but he obviously didn’t.

10. He Doesn’t Want to Be Seen With You in Public

This sign is similar to not being asked out on real dates outside of the four walls of the bedroom. He doesn’t want other people to know you’re seeing each other. So, when you do go on dates, it will likely be in places far away from the city you both live in.

Here’s another possible scenario: someone he knows sees you in public and asks about the two of you out of curiosity. He’d most likely flat-out deny that there’s anything going on between the two of you. Worse, he’ll say that you’re just friends even though you’ve been clearly seeing each other.

Additionally, he also doesn’t want to engage in any public displays of affection. Holding hands, arm around the shoulder, hugs—nope, he’s not doing any of that. Although this can indicate that maybe he just isn’t the type to do so, it’s possible that he’s just not that committed to you.

11. He’s Flaky

One of the most glaringly obvious signs he will never make you his girlfriend if he’s flaky. A guy who’s head over heels serious about you will never flake out on you. If he’s displaying flaky behavior, it’s because he doesn’t take your relationship seriously.

An example of this is if he leaves you on read or it takes him business days to reply. Especially if he’s an iPhone user since we all know you can long-press messages to preview them. Other scenarios include him being late to your dates or canceling plans at the last minute.

Any action that ends up with him either disappearing, blowing you off, or keeping you waiting is considered flaky. Save yourself a lot of stress, time, and frustration by leaving that man immediately!

12. He’s Not Interested in Getting to Know You

If you’re not sure of his feelings towards you, you can see it in his actions, even the subtle ones. A guy who’s not interested in you sparingly or never asks you about yourself. Worse, he likes sharing superficial details about his life instead (talk about a narcissist!).

Try hanging out with him and asking him simple questions about yourself in a low-key manner. Your favorite food and drink preferences, or your birthday—something you’ve likely told him a thousand times and see if he answers. If he doesn’t remember, then it’s clear as day!

He doesn’t initiate any conversations and doesn’t pay attention to you or actively listen when you speak. It’s highly likely that he’s only into you because of your sexual connection. This is evident in his disinterested behavior and the fact that he avoids forging a deeper connection with you.

13. He Doesn’t Ask You Out on a Second Date

So you’ve gone on a first date with this man, and you thought it was going well. There was flirting, and you both seemingly had fun, but he still hasn’t asked you out for a second time. The indication is bright as the sun: he’s just not interested in a relationship with you.

He might not even be considering a friends-with-benefits situation with you. Maybe he didn’t feel any chemistry or that you have a difference of opinions. Whatever it is, you should just move forward and find other dating prospects who are actually into you.

14. He Ghosted You

If you haven’t heard of ghosting, you’re probably a newbie in the modern dating scene. Undeniably, he doesn’t see you both going anywhere if he cuts off all contact with you without any explanation. One day, you’re talking and probably having fun; the next day, not even a single word from him.

He probably wasn’t romantically attracted to you, you’re no longer convenient to him, or his attraction has faded. Whatever his reasons are (since you’re probably never hearing from him again), don’t blame yourself. For all that’s worth, you actually dodged a bullet right there!

Ghosting can have long-lasting effects on people, especially those who aren’t emotionally or mentally stable. It might lessen self-confidence and lead to self-esteem issues. Ghosters are evidently inconsiderate when they do this because they can always choose to communicate, but they don’t.

15. He’s Still Not Over His Ex

Of course, he doesn’t want you to be his girlfriend; it’s because he’s still not over his past relationship. Sure, they may seem like they’re great friends, but being in touch with your ex is a red flag, especially if their relationship hasn’t ended that long ago, as he may have lingering feelings.

If it seems like he can’t or hasn’t let go of his ex yet, it means he doesn’t want to commit to anything new right now. You can directly ask him how he feels or just simply trust your gut instinct! We women have a sixth sense for these kinds of situations!

Signs He Will Never Make You His Girlfriend

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can someone love you but not commit?

Yes, this is possible, especially for people who have commitment issues and relationship anxiety. They may desire both emotional and physical intimacy but can’t handle feelings. Their fears are usually a result of abandonment, attachment, or abuse issues in the past.

2. Why does he keep me around if he doesn’t want me?

He likes the benefits that come with you. This may be because of the physical intimacy, sex, and/or companionship. It may also be because he’s comfortable with how things are between both of you, not wanting to change anything. Or rather, he may not be ready to let you go as a result of his selfishness.

3. What do you do when a guy doesn't want you?

Let yourself feel negative emotions, but don’t direct it at him or lash out at anyone—your feelings are completely valid. Especially if you’ve been seeing this man for some time, but he still doesn’t want you the way you want him. That’s life and love for you!

You deserve to receive the amount of love and affection you give to a person. Acceptance and moving on is the key to handling these situations. Keep looking forward to more romantic prospects; he just isn’t the right one for you.

Final Thoughts

All these signs he will never make you his girlfriend are an indication for you to leave him. Stop making excuses for him and yourself; you’re worth more than being placed on a back burner. There will definitely come a guy who’s going to reciprocate all the love you give him.

However, if you’re also not looking for anything serious, I say go and explore. Navigate through the dating scene like a pro until you’re ready to settle down. As long as you both establish from the start where you’re heading, it’s fine!

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