Opt for HBS or CEM mock tests to get entry in to prestigious UK schools

HBS or CEM mock tests to get entry in to prestigious UK schools

Good preparation before real exam will clear cobwebs and enable you to understand test papers that are real. Competitive examinations are always tough to crack and if you are an average student you will have to work doubly hard to crack the real test paper. Educational institutions around UK admit entry by conducting an entrance test. And it is crucial that an aspirant goes to examination hall well prepared. If your aim is to enrol into Henrietta Barnet Grammar school you have to first pass the entrance test. If you don’t do well you are unlikely to be admitted entry. Entrance tests by various schools in UK may differ from one another. By taking HBS mocks test online frequently you can crack the entrance test and enroll in the school with big history and reputation. 

HBS Mocks Test Online

Many schools in UK have their own format of testing materials and options for enrollment. It could be difficult to unearth what will be asked in their entrance test and ready with the right reply. HBS or CEM mock tests are conducted to assess your ability by schools. And the mock papers are designed to help you with the hurdle of real test paper served to you at delegated examination halls. CEM tests are developed by Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring at Cambridge and the exam model was introduced to prevent the transparency of 11 plus examination papers.

The test model is accepted by various schools in UK and the difference with the test is that each year the format will change. They also do not publish practice papers and models. They take great measures to minimize the tutoring to the test trend. Numerous toppers have got those top ranks by attending mock tests online provided by various test models. Availability of the mock test papers for various entrance tests has undermined the importance of real test papers hence test models. Such as CEM is introduced for competitive exams and the subsequent selection for admissions. 

CEM Mocks Test Online

In recent times there is a shift towards CEM by school institutions and some schools use both CEM and GL assessment for selection.  However CEM mocks test online are available and by practicing them again and again a candidate will be successful in cracking the CEM real test. Most students who are aspiring entry at various schools that are prestigious and highly acclaimed grammar schools in UK. And the mock tests enable them to solve real papers. 

Mock test centres are available at various locations and depending. On the nearness of the test centres to your locality you can choose them. The 11 plus mock test papers for these centres are prepared by veterans with great scholarly background. And an ear to the ground and eyes on the current affairs relevant to entrance tests conducted across the country. Some of you may feel CEM test to be tough and difficult to crack. This is the reason why applicants but book mock test/tests with a mock test centre located near you. Even the most brilliant applicants attending the real test may get flutters. Because they have not practiced and relied only on their ability and skills to get them through. Booking mock tests online a great idea for such situations and the aspirant will be able to read and understand quickly and come with ready answer.

What 11 plus syllabus is covered in the entrance tests?

The 11 plus syllabus are English, maths, and non-verbal reason and they are covered by GL assessment. A school is at liberty to choose test mode according to their requirement or all subjects. The CEM test covers verbal and non-verbal questions and numerical reasoning. The GL assessment papers are for 45 minutes duration and it can vary and CEM tests do not follow the same pattern every year. Two 45 minutes papers are offered which are conducted with one interval. The test offers fixed test duration for each paper and it can contain varying number of questions and timing. The tests are split into many sections and you can move to next section only when you are asked to do so. 

If you have been practicing with mock test papers you will be able to ease. Through these tests and can achieve scaled heights in your chosen subject. To book HBS or CEM mock tests at desired locations you can opt for Eleven Plus Euphoria mock test papers. As they have a great track record and a history of successful candidates. You can contact the test Providers on phone number 07404576344 or by email


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