Legend of Mana – The Beginner’s Guide to MANA

If you are a new player to the Legend of Mana, then you may be wondering about how to level up your Characters. This article will help you understand the character pairing system in the game and how to level up your heroes. This article will also help you understand the stats of the characters in the game and the importance of having the right team members. This guide is the perfect solution for you if you are unsure of how to start playing the game.

Legend of Mana

Whether you’re new to role-playing games or have never touched a video game before, the basics of Legend of Mana are easy to grasp. Characters have numerical attributes such as strength, luck, and HP. These attributes grow with leveling, and they can equip different types of weapons and armors. You can use special attacks as well. You’ll earn experience point crystals to get extra abilities and equipment.

While the quests in the main story can be hard, there is no need to give up. There are plenty of NPCs you can talk to and interact with. You can even find a fortune teller in Domina to receive quest hints. Also, if you’re leveling, enemies such as Chobinhoods on the Luon Highway are great enemies to level up. They drop tons of exp crystals and bows.

Character pairing system

In MANA, the character pairing system is meant to encourage you to play as several characters as you can, because there is a lot to discover! Depending on your party composition, certain characters will compliment each other better than others. For instance, Charlotte and Kevin have different physical attacks, and Reisz buffs magic attack. Both characters have special roles within the story, and they will always meet at the same location.

To begin with, you need to understand how the character pairing system works. Characters will only count as a pair if they share the same goals and plot points with the main character. You can also choose to use a Companion character to complete your party. These characters will serve as companions and will offer minor commentary during the story. Pick a Companion character that compliments your current pairing. The Companion character will be useful if you want to change up your pairing later.

Leveling up heroes

In MANA, there are several different ways to level up your hero, including locking and unlocking her talents. Once you unlock a Hero, you can then level it up by clicking the green “level up” button. After you unlock a hero, you can use it in battle teams, lock it as a favorite, and train it for special skills. The light bordered Hero is the easiest way to level up, as you’ll gain experience each time you use it. During this process, you will also be able to see how much food each hero needs, as well as how many times she can level up a certain special skill.

The first thing you need to know about leveling up a Hero is how many times they can go up to the next level. Each hero has a maximum level that can be reached, and each one can only go up by 10 levels. To avoid wasting time leveling up a Hero more than once, you need to know how to level up your hero effectively. To level up your hero quickly, repeat battles to get additional XP, and trade unused heroes for rare ones.

Character stats

Before you can maximize your character’s potential in the game, you need to understand the basics of character stats. Rarity refers to the number of stars on your character’s card. Characters with less stars have a lower level cap and will not be able to gain more levels. Likewise, characters with high rarity will be less powerful as the game becomes more difficult, but there are several methods to increase your character’s rarity and level cap.

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