Is a Video Wall Screen Right for Your Business?

Is a Video Wall Screen Right for Your Business?

Free-standing video wall screen or hanging ones can be useful in many ways, whether they’re used to display presentations, announcements, advertisements, art pieces, or something else. But like anything else, they have their advantages and disadvantages depending on what you plan to use them for. If you’re interested in video wall screens but aren’t sure if they’re right for your business, here are some things to consider before purchasing one.

What are the benefits?

A video wall controller and video wall system are perfect for any business, big or small. A video wall system can come in handy during large events when you need to get the word out about your products or services. Plus, it gives an amazing experience to clients looking to purchase your products while they look around the showroom. For example, Walgreens displays healthcare supplies on a giant video wall screen to help customers make decisions.

Why use a video wall screen?

Video wall screens are an emerging technology that can help you tell your story more powerfully than traditional video monitors. The video wall controller provides a simplified video wall system configuration and ease of use, so this is a great option if you don’t have experience with IT infrastructure or video walls.

How to choose your video wall screen

If you’re in the market for a video wall screen, there are a few different options to choose from. A video wall controller is what controls and unifies all the displays into one seamless experience. Here are some things to think about before you buy: How much time will I spend creating content? Is it mostly videos or do I need more images, graphics, and text? Will my display be temporary or permanent?

Price points

A video wall screen can vary greatly in price, which will depend on the size and type of LED display. The displays used also dictate the costs, with LED flat panels costing more than edge-lit displays. Depending on your needs, a budget may be a major factor in your decision. Regardless of what you’re looking to display or how much money you have to spend, we can help match you with the right solution based on our vast experience in designing custom screens.

Do you need audio options with your video wall screen?

A video wall screen is beneficial because it allows people to see information and videos without having to look directly at the screens. They also come in sizes that can match your needs, which means you can either buy one or lease the space for one. With audio, however, if you want to use both pictures and sound with your video wall screen, then it will be much more expensive because of the technology needed. It’s difficult to predict if the sound will be necessary because every business is different.

Size comparison

A video wall screen can be as large as two basketball courts. Light-emitting diodes can display visual content like videos, images, text, and other creative visuals. Video wall screens are available in both indoor and outdoor options, depending on your specific needs.

Do you want something portable or on casters?

LED screens that are compact and portable are perfect if you want to display content on the location. Caster screens, on the other hand, can be installed in a stationary position, which is useful if you plan to use the screen in a central location such as your storefront or at an event.

Should you create it yourself or hire someone else to build it for you?

If you’re not experienced with LED screens, it may be better to hire someone to create them for you. If you want the full experience of installing and maintaining your screen, DIY is the way to go.

Do you need brackets to hang it up on the wall or ceiling?

Video wall screens may require brackets to mount on the wall or ceiling. If it doesn’t come with brackets, make sure you purchase them before hanging the screen. Brackets are also helpful in other situations, such as if you need to mount your video wall screen to another surface like the side of your desk.

Can you control it remotely from another room or building?

Because the video wall is mounted on rails, it can be moved to the location of your choice. Yes, it can be controlled remotely from another room or building.

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