How to Track your Phone Using IMEI Online?

IMEI Tracker

Have you recently lost your android or iPhone device then let us tell you that you have landed at the right place to know how you can get back your device? Well, it is not very difficult that and the users can get all the information about their mobile device. 

In this blog, we are going to tell the users how they can track phone with imei number in no time. So, let us get to know how the users can get the solution and use it to get to know how to find their lost device. 

Tracking iPhone with the use of IMEI online free of cost

1st Way – Istaunch online IMEI tracker 

First of all the users need to open the IMEI tracker by staunch to track phone using IMEI on the device users are using. 

The users need to type in the IMEI number of the lost device in the box and then they also need to solve the captcha code for the verification of the device. 

After the verification is finished the users need to press the on-track button and that’s it the users will be able to see the lost phone on their device in front of the device. 

2nd way – Reporting on CEIR 

The users first need to move to the official website of CEIR also known as the central equipment identity register for IMEI number tracking. The users need to ensure that they have registered complaints at the nearest police station. 

Now, the users need to tap on the red-colored option of stolen/lost device. 

The users now need to fill in some information like the information of devices, such as 15-digit IMEI, mobile number of the device, brand of the device, model, and the purchase invoice. 

The users also need to fill in the place where it was lost, date, state, district, police complaint number, and police station. Along with the name of the owner, address, identity proof, and also email address for IMEI tracker online free. 

As soon as the users will submit it they will generate a request ID number which they need to fill on the IMEI request status page which will be there on the screen of the users. 

And once, the users will do so they will be able to see the current status of their mobile phone on the screen present in front of them and the users can find the device which they have lost.

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