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How to fix the colour of a sheet?

Bed sheets

Preserve the original colour of your sheets

The coloured sheets bring pep to the decor of your room. The only downside is that the colour tends to lose its lustre and rub off onto the rest of the laundry in the washing machine. Here’s how to avoid these inconveniences by fixing the colour of your bedsheets.

Summary :

  1. How to know if the colour of the sheets will rub off
  2. Fix the colour of the sheets with white vinegar
  3. Fix the colour of the sheets with coarse salt

How to know if the colour of the sheets will rub off

Before embarking on treating your sheets to fix their colour, ensure they need it by carrying out a quick test. Two straightforward little tips will allow you to determine whether the coloured fabric of your extra deep fitted sheets will likely rub off on the rest of your laundry. The first trick is to rub a cotton swab on a corner of the fabric, soaked in hot water beforehand. If the cotton swab is coloured, the fabric will rub off, and the colour must be fixed. The second trick consists of placing a damp cloth on the back of the fabric and then applying it over the hot iron. Again, if the wet linen is tinted with the fabric’s colour, a fixation of the colour is necessary.

Fix the colour of the sheets with white vinegar

The multiple efficiencies of white vinegar to maintain the house from floor to ceiling are well established. Descaler and disinfectant, the miracle natural product of white vinegar, will also allow you to quickly fix the colour of your sheets, allowing them to keep the colours you love so much over time. The implementation of this grandmother trick is straightforward. Before washing your sheets in the machine, give them this colour-fixing treatment as usual. To do this, pour cold water into a sink or basin, in which you will add a cup of coarse salt and a cup of white vinegar. Mix everything well, then put your sheets in this bath. Then let the sheets soak in this mixture for one to two hours so that the colour can drain well. Then rinse the sheets in clean, cold water.

Two situations can then arise: either the water is obvious, and you can then wash your sheets generally in the machine, or the water is tinted with the colour of the sheets, and you must start the entire operation the same way. In this second situation, finish again by rinsing with cold water to ensure the colour has disgorged and no longer represents a risk for the rest of your laundry.

Fix the colour of the sheets with coarse salt

Coarse salt is perfect for naturally fixing the colour of sheets. It can be used in addition to white vinegar, as indicated above, but also alone. In this case, it is then to be accompanied by lukewarm water. However, it is necessary to determine the dose of coarse salt to fix the sheets’ colour successfully. Start by weighing your sheets on a scale. Then divide the weight obtained by two, and you have the right amount of salt to fix the colour of your sheets. Then pour the corresponding dose of coarse salt into a sink or basin containing lukewarm water. Deposit your sheets in this mixture for 10 to 12 hours. Remember to stir regularly with a wooden spoon as the salt will tend to redeposit at the bottom of the container. After the time has elapsed, rinse the sheets with clean water. Again, the sheets can join the washing machine for a classic wash if the water is clear. If the water is coloured with the colour of the sheets, repeat this treatment following the same steps. A final rinse with clear water will allow you to check that the colour is well-fixed.

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