How To Clean The Car Properly Inside

Proper cleaning not only ensures a pleasant indoor climate in the car, it is also important for the maintenance of the car’s interior. Dust, sand, salt and chemical residues wear on the interior surfaces and can reduce the value of the car.

Winter is the season when the car is particularly exposed to salt and slush that comes with us into the car. Then it is extra important to take care of the indoor climate with regular washing. If you have a well-used family car, which is often exposed to eating and spills, the car benefits from regular cleaning of the interior – regardless of the season.

Damp car Dry it before cleaning

If you have experienced dew or ice on the inside of the car, this may be a sign that moisture has settled in the car. Maybe moisture has accumulated under the floor mats?

If you do not have a warm garage that can help you get rid of the moisture, you can have a fan oven in the car overnight. Then remove the floor mats so that the carpet underneath can be breathed and dried. Alternatively, you can lay a towel or newspaper on the rug before laying the floor mat so that the moisture is absorbed. Make sure the car is dry before Rengøring af bil.

Another tip that can help you: Drive with air conditioning on, even in winter. Air conditioning carries moist air out of the car and replaces it with dry air.

Discard, clean and remove anything loose in the car

It may say itself, but start by throwing away all the rubbish that has accumulated in the car. If it smells a little strange, this may be a result of old rubbish or debris hiding under or in the seats. Therefore, take a proper cleaning and remove all loose objects such as mats and child seats.

Wash the floor mats

Start by rinsing the mats with a garden hose or high pressure washer. Then scrub with soap and broom before rinsing again. Allow the mats to dry upside down for a while before turning them over so that all the water is clean. If the mats are worn, you should consider investing in new ones.

The floor mats must ensure that dirt and moisture you pull with you into the car does not come into contact with carpets and textiles.

Vacuum the entire car thoroughly

Use a good vacuum cleaner when walking all over the car. Be extra careful when getting to the seats. In cracks between the seat cushions, crumbs, paper and other debris tend to accumulate. Here you can advantageously use a narrow nozzle on the vacuum cleaner, so you get really good. Also bring dust, gunpowder and gravel that are hidden under the seats and on the floor. Finally, go over with the vacuum cleaner in the trunk.

Wash door edges thoroughly

It is especially important to wash in and around door frames. Dirt and moisture can accumulate here, and therefore it is often here that rust first appears. Wipe well with a dry cloth after washing.

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